10 Tips For A Successful Exhibition Stand Design

10 Tips For A Successful Exhibition Stand Design

Exhibitions and trade shows are an effective medium for live marketing their brand and services. The exhibitions provide a vast range of advantages. Trade shows and exhibitions is a wonderful opportunity for networking, seek out for additional business prospects, and learn about current developments in any trade. This demands serious planning, focus, commitment and a lot of hard work and there are many factors to be considered in order to create a successful exhibition stand design. There are various professional services that offer expert help for Exhibition Stall Fabrication related requirements and issues.

Following are a few important tips to have a successful exhibition stand design

  1. Brand Theme – When planning an exhibition it should be made sure that the brand name is prominent and consistent throughout the exhibition stand design whether it is the banner, wall, images, design material etc. The contents displayed should be attractive, colorful, eye-catching, and spread over the entire stall design area.
  2. The name should be exhibited all over – If the company wants to create an impact in order to be recognized. The company’s name should be all over the exhibition stand design, on the products, on the banners, all over. The brand name should be exhibited so prominently that the people don’t have to search for the brand name it should be automatically visible.
  3. Inform about the services – It is a great opportunity to tell people about the services and create brand recognition and live marketing especially for start-ups and new & small businesses. The banner should be designed skilfully with interesting and informative contents about the company, so that the sales representatives don’t have to explain to everyone. The banners and the background wall images should be instructive as a result the representatives could pay more attention to the genuinely interested candidates.
  4. Be-noticeable – There are various methods for a stall design to look prominent and to get noticed. The booth designs can be of bold colors related to the brand or theme to catch people’s attention and curiosity. Intelligent and interesting demos for interacting with people can also be used.
  5. Utilize the full space – It hardly matters if one has a smaller or a bigger booth area. Try making the best use of every bit of space provided. Try hanging colourful banners to the wall behind displaying the products and services of the brand. The ceiling can also be utilized to hang colourful banners or even balloons that give a grand look. It only requires a bit of creativity and innovative ideas to make the best use of the limited resources.
  6. Set a theme – Generally, the trade fair and product demos will definitely be boring for the people. Thus many companies try to make the whole process interesting by creating a theme based space all over the exhibition stand design. This helps to create a distinctive experience for the attendants.
  7. Make demos interesting – There are chances for a business-related trade to be boring and repetitive. Try to stand out among the booths by operating in a different and interesting way. Instead of just giving the attendees only a chance to look at the demos turn the products into an interesting activity. Something that people can participate and have fun along with. The product demos can be modified into an interesting game or some fun activity.
  8. Generate curiosity – If a company aspires to catch the attendant’s interest, try putting up something that makes sense related to the brand but something that is surprising and amusing. The idea should focus on encouraging curiosity and grab their attention. Some ground-breaking and innovative ideas that force them to inquire about the brand and product.
  9. Try keeping it neat – If the exhibition stand design area is very big it doesn’t mean one has to use them every bit of space provided. Filling up the whole are in a stall design that has a bigger are might give an untidy look. Always remember less is more, try making booth look attractive, and neat.
  10. Offer pick-me-ups – It’s a great idea to offer something to the attendants while they pass by the stall design area. Something that they can use, this type of activity is highly appreciated and remembered for a longer time. A cart of popcorn, water, coffee, soda or a can of beer will give a pleasant experience to the bored and tired attendants.

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