ACMA Valve Chain Summit

ACMA’s primary goal for Value Chain Summit is to accomplish a few goals. ACMAintroduced a big number of suppliers from Gujarat to the Auto Industry platform, where they will be able to assess future business potential in the state. Key executives from all of the OEMs in Gujarat were invited to the ACMAevent. ACMAintends to give new Tier 1 suppliers who do not yet have a presence in Gujarat the appropriate exposure. ACMAcould also assess the evolving automotive environment and evaluate the state’s potential.

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Essentially, the goal is to develop a reliable supply chain as well as a self-contained ecosystem. The next stage is to bring in Tier 2 suppliers, both existing and new to Gujarat, to learn about the prospects. This is from the standpoint of the value chain. Finally, as a result of the Summit, ACMAattempts to solve the issues that the automotive sector is currently facing in Gujarat, particularly in terms of logistics providers, warehouse facilities, people-skilling centers, and financial institutions. While financial institutions are present, they have been unable to connect with the appropriate enterprises seeking expansion. Overall, the ACMAValue Chain Summit aims to assist Gujarat in developing a strong automotive ecosystem.

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