AMTEX Expo – North India’s biggest exhibition on the metal cutting and machine tools industry

According to a market study conducted by the World Economic Forum (WEF), machines would undertake more jobs than humans by 2025, compared to 71% currently performed by humans. This would have a favourable impact on India’s demand for machine tools and related technologies. To increase productivity, the Indian Industrial business is quickly adopting modern machine tools and technologies.

Vasant Creative
Vasant Creative

AMTEX – Asian Machine Tool Exhibition has been held in New Delhi since 2001 as one of India’s largest exhibitions on metal cutting and machine tooling. AMTEX delivers an ultimate marketplace that offers unique business, learning, and networking possibilities by bringing together international and national players from India and abroad. AMTEX‘s organizers, Reed Triune Exhibitions, collaborate closely with industry stakeholders to keep the event relevant to evolving business needs and to improve the experience of our exhibitors and visitors.

The following are some of the highlights of the event:
1. Open-floor workshops and industry conferences
2. Delegations of buyers from neighbouring countries
3. Co-located Automation & Robotics show with VIP buyer program
4. Over 600 exhibitors will be accommodated in a larger show space.
5. Participation of international corporations has increased.

AMTEX is regarded as one of the most prestigious shows in the metal forming business. It creates a plethora of options because it attracts a lot of attention from the machine tool and technology sector. AMTEX brings together an elite class of buyers from India and around the world to give the best business solutions for the meetings and events industry. Exhibitors gain from the opportunity to meet with a diverse group of international and regional buyers with the power to close deals. The show has established itself as a must-see event over the years.

Every exhibition at Vasant Creative is a huge occasion

While exhibitions may be comparable in terms of what they display, the layouts are likely to differ. Some shows succeed in creating a comparable impression in the minds of spectators, while others do not. An exhibition’s success is determined on how well it is arranged. Vasant Creative has the potential to make an impact in this area. It has a stellar track record and competence as an exhibition stand builder for shows like the AMTEX Show.

Vasant Creative, an expert in exhibition stall designs, has been assisting brands with exhibition booths that stand out and make a visual impression on the majority of visitors, thanks to its inventiveness and faultless execution.


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