Blech India expo is not all about steel and metal exhibition.

Blech India expo is not all about steel and metal exhibition.

One of the biggest events in the steel industry, the Blech India Expo, is back with another instalment in 2020, as declared by Entomb Ads-Brooks Exhibitions Pvt. Ltd., the coordinator of India’s chief display for the Sheet Metal Working industry. Last year’s exhibition was a grand success, with nearly 5,000 attendees and 151 exhibitors from 10 nations. This year, the exhibition that is going to take place in Mumbai at the Bombay Convention & Exhibition Centre from 25th to 27th April 2020 is expected to be an even bigger hit with more exhibitors and countries participating, like Germany, Italy, Great Britain, Turkey, China, and Spain.

Expanding Horizons: Beyond Steel at the Expo

Though this is a steel and metal convention, there are many other reasons for people in the industry to ensure they don’t miss this expo, whether they are exhibitors or guests. With this being an event of a global scale, it’s an opportunity for people to check out the global standards of the steel industry, network with people and make profitable connections for their business. And if you’re planning to put up a stall, it’s a great platform to be noticed by potential clients and expand the growth of your business.

As we mentioned earlier, this is a large-scale expo with over 150 exhibitors in 2019 and possibly even more at this year’s event, so it’s not difficult to get lost in the sea of stalls. One way to ensure you stand out at these expos is to have a creative and noticeable exhibition stand design that instantly grabs people’s attention.

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Exhibitions and expos are our areas of expertise, and we have worked on exhibition stall designs for some of the major events, such as Acetech, Glasspex, Imtex, Pack Expo in the US, and more. We have thousands of happy customers who were satisfied with our work and kept coming back to us for all their events. We have a team of talented industry professionals who are experts in their fields and will take care of all aspects of your stall, including the stall design, visual design, logo design, fonts, and logo.

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