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BLECH India Exhibition is a leading venue for sheet metalworking, showcasing new technologies and innovative products paving the way for the future. Various professionals and international audiences gather here to get a glimpse of future trends. The automobile sector and its suppliers, construction, home electronics, and white goods industries, as well as the steel production business, are the main focus of BLECH India.

More than 5000 visitors, with a high percentage of top management visitors, come to see the exhibitor’s new and inventive products. This provides an excellent platform to aid the suppliers to show their products to the Indian market. Building on the success of the last exhibition, BLECH India can’t be missed.

India’s rising status as a manufacturing destination is a major factor in India becoming one of the world’s largest machine tool markets. With India’s increasing growth and importance, many players in the industry are trying to strengthen and amplify its position in the region. Investments are pouring into the country to global as well as small companies. This makes the BLECH India Exhibition all the more important.

At Vasant Creative, we help you to create attractive stalls and help you to make a dent in the event. Our stall designs not only help you to pique the interest of the audience but also help them to remember you long after they have left. The impact a good designed stall can have is huge, and we make it happen with the best of our ability.

We have been able to help our clients with their stalls design needs, helping us to create prize winning stalls. Our years of experience helped us to pin point the design principles to adhere to during the inception of the stall creation. Due to this we have become the giants in the industry.

Vasant Creative creates stall designs that are not only cost effective but also economical. Our stalls have the best designs to suit your needs and we take great pride in them. From our testimonials, you can see the quality of our products and the end result.

We have an in-house team of designers that work deligently for your exhibition stall needs. They not only look into the designing of the stall, but also implement and construct it in the exhibition.