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Blech India

Blech India – The Global Conglomerate of Metal Industry Giants with a Difference

Blech India is one of the biggest annual conglomerates of metal industry giants from around the world. The 2019 version of the event was a major success with the participation of companies from Spain, China, Turkey, Great Britain, Italy, and Germany.

As a result, the next edition of Blech India, also called Blech India 2020, has started doing rounds. Both the organizers and participants have marked their calendars. The countdown has begun as both the sides wait eagerly with anticipation for the event to kick off. It is scheduled to be held 25th and 27th April 2020 in Bombay Convention & Exhibition Centre. Mumbai, India.

The metal working industry has been one of the most booming sectors off late. Whether one talks about mechanical engineering or the car industry, the industry corresponding to the manufacturing of metals serves as the backbone. Besides, it is also vital in view of the use of metals in equipment related to electronic, air conditioning, ventilation, heating, and other engineering appliances.

Vasant Creative is committed to making Blech India a booming event with its unique exhibition stall design

Vasant Creative is delighted to be a partner for the next edition of Blech India in Mumbai, India between 25th and 27th April 2019.

Since its inception in 1998, Vasant Creative has been a frontrunner in carving out  exhibition stall design  in a variety of ways. We have moved on since then to become an award-winning  exhibition stall designer in India. 

Apart from the  exhibition stall design in Mumbai , we also provide our comprehensive range of services to Indian companies at both national and global level. We also provide  exhibition stand design  and other allied services to our clientele.

The requirements for the arrangement of grand exhibition events such as Blech India have massively transformed in the last two decades. As an established booth and  stall design  service provider, we understand the pivotal role of new design ideas in such events. We undertake projects with the acknowledgement that well-conceived  exhibition stalls  can work wonders in bringing businesses and potential clients together.

At Vasant Creative, our stall designing and allied services are characterized by the following attributes:

  • Allocation of projects to expert stall design professionals
  • Innovative ideas based on the niche of a brand and its market dynamics
  • On-time delivery
  • A hassle-free approach to solutions for ensuring client convenience

On our successful journey with our clients spanning over two decades, we have created more than 450 stall designs across various niches. We intend to keep our growth engine moving forward by providing cost-effective  exhibition stall fabrication  services without compromising with quality.

Shreeji Woodcraft Ltd.

Acetech 2016, Mumbai | Stall Size 8m x 10m | Created by Vasant Creative

Using elements of architecture and inputs from the exhibitor, our team of stall designers will create a design like no other and will be perfectly fabricated to reality by our exhibition team. Vasant Creative will create a very interactive exhibition stand design that will drive more and more of the crowd towards the exhibition stall. Being one of the leading exhibition stall design companies, we at Vasant have been serving clients with our exhibition stalls in India as well as abroad. The designs by our exhibition booth designers has won various awards and appreciation from major brands.
Asahi India Glass Ltd.

Acetech 2016, Delhi | Stall Size 10m x 7m | Created by Vasant Creative

Why choose Vasant Creative as your trusted partner for building exhibition stands? Global presence Vasant Creative has been a global partner for building exhibitions both at home and abroad. It has been in operation for several years. For all its clients, it makes use of it several years’ experience in India and abroad to build exhibition stall designs that make each exhibition a memorable event. A dedicated team of designers Vasant Creative has a team of dedicated designers to take care of clients’ needs concerning exhibition stall designs. Each of the designers is part of a committed workforce, focused to deliver top-notch design that matches global standards.

Excellent facilities for printing and manufacturing
Vasant Creative has the best printing set up in India and abroad. It has manufacturing and printing facilities of the highest quality to deliver graphic prints that stand out from the rest.
Asahi India Glass Ltd.

Gulf Glass, Dubai – 2019 | Stall Size 8m X 3m | Created by Vasant Creative

Availability of all requisite facilities Vasant Creative offers a comprehensive solution as per the needs of the organizer and their exhibition events. The effective use of facilities by our clients at ACETECH Exhibition speaks volumes of  Vasant Creative’s capability. The stall design by Vasant Creative at exhibitions like the Economic Times ACETECH will give the brands a unique recognition for the stall design. These exhibition stall designs are created and executed well within time and also in a reasonable budget by Vasant.

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