CHINA PRINT has always been a focus of interest and is able to engage in the printing industry. CHINA PRINT is the world’s biggest and most influential printing show, featuring not only International but also local printing companies. The show will feature famous internal and overseas companies specializing in offset printing, digital printing, packaging printing, label printing, printing plates, post-press, and accessories. Some of them intend to market their most recent printing products in China, Asia, and even the globe at large.

Vasant Creative
Vasant Creative

The development of the printing sector is fueled by advancements and technical improvements. Influenced by processing techniques, CHINA PRINT has built specific display zones for technological innovations in several disciplines of printing to demonstrate the latest high-tech tech products. Furthermore, famous brands, experts, and academics are invited to show and assess the future trend, growth, and uses of cutting-edge printing technologies. CHINA PRINT undoubtedly fosters the growth of both printing technology and the print business by integrating innovation interchange with a product demonstration.

This is how Vasant transforms an exposition into a major event

Vasant enjoys putting up events of CHINA PRINT‘s caliber. Across the years, it has positioned itself as one of the world’s leading brands for stall service concepts and ideas. Given our several years of business expertise, we understand how unique ideas can change the outcome of an expo event. Vasant Creative is known for its unique and inventive booth designs. Vasant has all you need to make an expo a success, with extensive knowledge and years in the industry with prominent organizations. We offer innovative solutions for every exhibit to ensure that your stalls are distinctive.

Every individual working at Vasant Creative is exceptionally creative. They try to create and deliver the best that they can. The team puts in all their combined efforts in order to set a new standard for themselves as well as for the clients. Every business thinks of ways to get their job done at minimum possible cost and this is where Vasant comes into action. Vasant Creative designs the most reasonable stalls and booth which is premium in quality. Vasant Creative has been praised by all their clients for living up to their expectations.


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