Chinaplas has been a prominent gathering and commercial forum for China’s plastics and rubber sectors for above 30 years and has contributed massively to their flourishing expansion. CHINAPLAS is now the world’s biggest plastics and rubber trade expo, as well as one of the most prominent exhibits around the globe, according to the market. The Universal Federation of the Exhibition Industry (UFI), a globally renowned representing agency of the worldwide expo market, has validated CHINAPLAS as a “UFI Certified Occurrence.” This accreditation further validates CHINAPLAS’ record of success as an important forum, with high-quality exposition and visitor amenities, as well as effective management procedures. CHINAPLAS has been supported by EUROMAP (European Committee of Machinery Manufacturers for the Plastics and Rubber Industries) as a partner since 1987.

Vasant Creative
Vasant Creative

1.Machinery & Equipment
3D Technologies
Ancillary Equipment
Blow Molding Machines
Extruders & Extrusion Lines
Injection Molding Machines
Integrated Automation
Machines & Equipment for Preprocessing and Recycling
Machinery & Plant for Finishing, Decorating, Printing & Marking
Machinery for Foam, Reactive, or Reinforced Resins
Measuring & Testing Equipment
Mould & Die, Hot Runner
Other Processing Machines
Parts & Components
Post Processing Machines
Presses Machines
Welding Machines

2. Raw Materials, Auxiliaries
3D Printing Materials
Additives, Adhesives & Glues, Fillers
Coating Compounds, Foams & Intermediates
Colour Pigments & Masterbatches
Composites & Reinforcing Fibers
Engineering Plastics
General Plastics
Recycled Plastics
Rubbers & TPE
Semi-finished Products

Manufacturers, agents, distributors, and service organizations from various industries are among our visitors, naming a few industries – Automobile, Building & City Infrastructure, Chemicals & Raw Materials, E&E, IT & Telecommunications, Footwear, Packaging End-user (included food, beverage, commodity &, etc), General Plastic Products, Lighting & LED, Machine Manufacturing, Medical, Mould & Die, Packaging, Plastic Furniture and more!

Vasant Creative is honored to be a part of the Chinaplas Expo team – China, contributing to the achievement of the exposition

We feel that finishing exposition stall assembly and other comparable tasks on schedule is vital to safeguarding our client’s commercial interests at Vasant Creative. As a result, our experts go to great lengths to make sure that projects are completed on time. We make every attempt to execute these approaches whether we are working on a local or an abroad project. Once our specialists have an assignment, they pay more attention to it from start to finish.


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