CREDAI-MCHI is an organization that consists of several members of the real estate industry. It has over 1249 leading members of developers. It is a government-recognized body for all private sector developers. It works towards increasing the count of its stakeholder participation. They intend to also create an environment of achieving excellence in upskilling and professional development. CREDAI-MCHI works towards highlighting the budding culture of the real estate industry.

This year CREDAI MCHI Thane 2023 will be held from 03 – 06 Feb 2023 at Raymond’s Ground, Thane West, Maharashtra, India.

Vasant Creative
Vasant Creative

They also act as an information provider of the industry to its members, the public in general, and the government. CREDAI-MCHI ensures greater interaction and coordination between the identical bodies where there is a common base of interests. They care for the provision of construction workers. They also work towards removing unhealthy and unfair trade practices prevailing in the industry.

CREDAI-MCHI organizes various activities including government meetings, seminars and workshops, and knowledge series around the topic of the real estate industry. They do welfare for the areas in need, their welfare work includes building hospitals, and maintaining the parks and tourist attraction areas in the city. Constructing anti-malaria construction sites etc.

CREDAI-MCHI hosts a popular event called the CREDAI-MCHI property exhibition. This exhibition brings together various property buyers and sellers and facilitates their interaction.

Vasant Creatives is pleased to announce that they are designing the stalls for the CREDAI-MCHI exhibition this time. This event, as a real estate expo, necessitates both creative and logical planning. Vasant creatives can provide uniqueness in every stall design, no matter how large or small the area is given.

Expos like these involve lots and lots of professional customer engagement which is why Vasant creatives make sure to design the stalls with great detailing to acquire the visitor’s attention. The visitors to the exhibition should not only be captivated by the property but they should make their way to the property by seeing the stalls put up by Vasant.

Stalls created by Vasant puts the property in the spotlight. Each property has a different aura attached to it, our designs and creatives will contribute to adding that extra essence to the exhibition.


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