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CTL-Cargo, Transportation & Logistics 2020 is an international trade show and exhibition that connects the shipping, port, cargo, and logistics industries. With the top speakers and panelists, leading exhibitors, intelligent delegates, and eager visitors from India and beyond, the ctl’ India Conference and Expo has earned a reputation as India’s largest cargo and logistics exhibition. The Union Ministry of Shipping has endorsed and supported this popular ctl’ India mega cargo display. The exhibition attracts a large number of visitors, who are also given the option to participate in Lucky Draws. The sheer number of attendees indicates that the expo provided tremendous networking possibilities.

Vasant Creative
Vasant Creative

The exhibitors’ profile is based on port and terminal operators, Shipping Lines & Agents, Feeder Operators, NVOCCs, MTOs, National & International Freight Forwarders, LCL Consolidators, CFS & ICD operators, Shipowners, Logistics players, Railways, Rail operators, Port & Cargo Equipment suppliers, Maritime Boards, Cargo handling Companies, Container & Component, IT and software providers, Warehousing Companies, Road Transport Operators & Owners, Fleet Owners, Insurance Companies and Training Institutes.

With its bespoke exhibition and booth design, Vasant Creative is devoted to making ctl’ India a success

Vasant creative, a Mumbai-based award-winning exhibition stall designer, collaborates with ctl’ India to achieve success. Investing in Vasant Creative is an excellent option for having a handsome return on investment. Vasant Creative makes all exposition events a prestigious event by raising the standard; delivering its high-profile stalls. Multinational Companies have been served by Vasant Creative and we still cater to a lot of local and international firms. We specialize in creating display booths that are tailored to the demands of our customers. With over 450 stall designs spanning over 20 years, we have catered to client demands.

Vasant Creative has created an impact on local and global companies after being in this industry for a long time now. Take the aesthetic appeal of your stalls and attract visitors to every kind of event with effective solutions and services.


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