Do's And Don't In Exhibition Stall Design In India

Do's And Don't In Exhibition Stall Design In India

Exhibitions are one of the best ways for brands to connect with their potential customers and engage them. It gives an amazing opportunity to market your products and services concisely and understandably. 

As the competition is very high at exhibitions and other trade shows, you must use the strategy of acting quick and keeping it simple. This means your exhibition stand design which is the first impression must catch the attention instantly. 

But in doing so, many times, brand overdo exhibition stall design which repels people away from you. Therefore, there has to be a nice balance between making exquisite stall designs and over killing it. Let’s see what are some of the Do’s and Don’ts of exhibition stall design, especially in India where different kind of target audience attend the events and exhibitions. 


Design involves a lot of factors. It includes graphics, text, pictures, colour, shades, environment and much more. As far as the overall design is concerned, keep the design as an extension of your brand and the theme it follows. The best example is the coca-cola company. We can’t think about the brand without the red and white design or colour combination. Therefore, keep the brand theme and design consistent. 

Don’t go overboard in terms of making the design visually compelling and appealing to the audience. Avoid unnecessary elements and keep them out of the design. Decision-makers and heads of the company would prefer an eye-catching and sombre design than say a fancy design. But of course, if your brand represents newness and it goes well with your audience, go for it. 


Text or content is one of the aspects which is often overlooked when talks on exhibition stall design take place. It is important to convey the brand message and ideas using apt text in good fonts and right colors. 

Don’t push the content beyond the eye level. It means that your content should not stay hidden. When someone from an audience passes through your stall, he or she should be able to see the message. Also, pop up stands can be used so that your content can be seen from as far as possible.


Design is dynamic and pictures are an integral part of it. Use high-quality images. While it is obvious, many compromise with the shape and scale of images used. 

Don’t use Pitchers just for the sake of it. If you are a business with product offerings, use them effectively. Otherwise, you can integrate images with text. 

Hues and Shades

Every good exhibition stall designer knows the importance of hues and shades. Professional designers spend a long time to get it right. It is like magic which holds the audience to the stalls. Sometimes the beauty of the design itself is enough for people to enter your stall and spend time. 

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