EMAT is India’s foremost Exhibition on Machine Tools and Automation Technology. It focuses mainly on machine tools, robotics and automation, electrical and electronic products, Hydraulic, pneumatics, welding, and other engineering products. Its mission is to increase the level of Indian industry to that of the international standard.

Vasant Creative
Vasant Creative

EMAT provides an excellent platform for the customer and manufacturers to meet, thus helping exhibitors to share information and knowledge about their products. This platform accelerates manufacturers to understand the market dynamics quickly and forecast upcoming trends while discussing the potential lurking problem in the industry.

In the B2B market, relationships are a top priority for companies. EMAT is the perfect place to create connections between manufacturers and consumers. It improves the chances of exhibitors to come in direct contact with the right people before and after the event. It also serves as a Launchpad for exhibitors to showcase new ideas, innovative products, and services while helping businesses collaborate on problems in the industry.

EMAT provides companies with sponsorship opportunities to increase market exposure. It also gives exhibitors the chance to view the product of others, along with a market survey for new and existing products. Also, get an expert opinion on the hurdles that the industry faces.

Vasant Creative is a well-known exhibition stall design company that provides cutting-edge stall designs for high-profile clients in India and beyond. Our dedication to excellence has garnered us countless awards and medals. We make your event a success by staying on top of the newest trends and reading the pulse of your attendees.

Our stall designers will create a one-of-a-kind design combining architectural characteristics and exhibitor input, which our exhibition team will turn into reality. Vasant Creative will create a highly interactive exhibition booth that will attract a growing number of visitors.

Stall design act as a marketing tool for the exhibitors during the period of exhibition, and hence is an important element for company’s success in the exhibitions. With our years of experience, we have been able to iterate our designing principles that evolving with latest trends. Due to this we are able to create the stalls that would have an impact in the mind of the visitors.

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