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One of the most anticipated events in the Indian dental sector is the Famdent Exhibition. It serves as a meeting place for established companies and up-and-coming ones in the industry. Experts from top dental associations, service providers, producers, distributors, and retailers will likely be present. You may also anticipate hearing fresh perspectives on dental technology, market trends, and commercial tactics at this event. All of these are intended to assist dentists in developing their companies.
Famdent is a conference in addition to a trade show. Attend practical workshops, ICD presentations, and various other academic events. It is an extraordinary chance to connect with other dental professionals and learn about what they do daily. The Famdent Show has drawn interest from numerous foreign manufacturers.
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The Famdent exhibition also features conferences and an exposition of essential tools, materials, and services. Attending the event will also provide you the chance to connect with several exhibitors who are eager to join. A variety of product reviews and demos are also available. You can be sure to find the products that work for your practice with such a large selection of options available.
This year the Famdent Show 2023 will be held From 4 to 5 February 2023 at JRC Conventions & Trade Fairs, Hyderabad, India. There will be another Exhibition in Mumbai also.


This year the Famdent Exhibition 2023 will be held from 2 to 4 June 2023 at the Bombay Exhibition Centre (BEC), Mumbai, India. The Famdent Show is an essential element of the Indian dental industry and promotes clinical dentistry there. It is a significant factor in innovation recruitment and promotion within the dental industry. A growing and diverse community of dental professionals will be able to see your goods and services at this yearly event. The FAMDENT Show is regarded as Western India’s premier dental event.
The way you utilize the space in Display Booths will have a big impact on how well the event goes. To make the intended impact, it’s important to allot the proper size of floor space and even height in your stalls. According to the area of these events, reputable exhibition stall designers Vasant Creative advise their clients to choose the appropriate size of stall. The design of your show booth also depends on the nature of your company and the types of activities that will probably occur there.
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