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Fastener Fair

Fastener Fair – The Major Gathering of Fastening Stalls for Various Industries

Fastener Fair is an annual event involving fastener for a wide range of purposes. It extends an excellent opportunity for the establishment of business contacts by bringing associations, service providers, suppliers, and consumers under one roof.

Every year, the event provides industry professionals with a chance to present advanced technologies and products. They take it as an opportunity to widen the scope of their business by expanding contracts and by drawing the attention of their potential clients.

Fastener Fair 2020 is all set to be a mega event in Delhi. It will be held between May 8, 2020, and May 9, 2020. In the air of excitement, all eyes are glued on the successful organization and arrangement of the event.

It promises to unveil a wide range of innovative fasteners for the construction industry, and assembly and installation systems,

Vasant Creative is committed to providing cost-effective and quality solutions to exhibition stall design services

Vasant Creative – the prominent  exhibition stall designer in Mumbai, India  – is delighted to get the golden opportunity to partner with the organizers of Fastener Fair India 2020. We look forward to making the event a grand success for our clientele.

Following its first day of foundation in the year 1998, Vasant Creative has been channeling its best efforts in bringing abstract designs to life with creativity. We have a team of expert professionals who are adept at identifying stall designs that correspond to the theme and needs of major exhibition events.

All our designers adopt the best practices and make use of the up-to-date methodologies to produce the best that the money of our clientele can get. They leave no avenue unexplored in offering services in line with the demands of various brands. Also, they consider the current market dynamics and the target audience of a brand while choosing an  exhibition stand design.

Regardless of the type of exhibition, choosing a  booth design  for it is believed to be easier said than done. It is for a reason, though. A lot goes into figuring it out. Equipped with all the requisite skills, our designers accomplish this task with finesse.

Our clientele includes major Indian companies. We undertake exhibition stand design projects for domestic as well as international exhibition events,

At Vasant creative, our motto is to offer quality solutions to exhibition stall fabrication and stall design services with value for money. Feel free to get in touch with us in case you are looking for the best solution for quality exhibition stand design.
Shreeji Woodcraft Ltd.

Acetech 2016, Mumbai | Stall Size 8m x 10m | Created by Vasant Creative

Using elements of architecture and inputs from the exhibitor, our team of stall designers will create a design like no other and will be perfectly fabricated to reality by our exhibition team. Vasant Creative will create a very interactive exhibition stand design that will drive more and more of the crowd towards the exhibition stall. Being one of the leading exhibition stall design companies, we at Vasant have been serving clients with our exhibition stalls in India as well as abroad. The designs by our exhibition booth designers has won various awards and appreciation from major brands.
Asahi India Glass Ltd.

Acetech 2016, Delhi | Stall Size 10m x 7m | Created by Vasant Creative

Why choose Vasant Creative as your trusted partner for building exhibition stands? Global presence Vasant Creative has been a global partner for building exhibitions both at home and abroad. It has been in operation for several years. For all its clients, it makes use of it several years’ experience in India and abroad to build exhibition stall designs that make each exhibition a memorable event. A dedicated team of designers Vasant Creative has a team of dedicated designers to take care of clients’ needs concerning exhibition stall designs. Each of the designers is part of a committed workforce, focused to deliver top-notch design that matches global standards.

Excellent facilities for printing and manufacturing
Vasant Creative has the best printing set up in India and abroad. It has manufacturing and printing facilities of the highest quality to deliver graphic prints that stand out from the rest.
Asahi India Glass Ltd.

Gulf Glass, Dubai – 2019 | Stall Size 8m X 3m | Created by Vasant Creative

Availability of all requisite facilities Vasant Creative offers a comprehensive solution as per the needs of the organizer and their exhibition events. The effective use of facilities by our clients at ACETECH Exhibition speaks volumes of  Vasant Creative’s capability. The stall design by Vasant Creative at exhibitions like the Economic Times ACETECH will give the brands a unique recognition for the stall design. These exhibition stall designs are created and executed well within time and also in a reasonable budget by Vasant.

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