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For more than five decades, the Clothing Manufacturers Association of India (CMAI) has been the leading and most represented organization in the Indian apparel sector. The National Garment Fair is the CMAI’s country’s largest trade show to date. The “Business Networking Sessions” arranged at the National Garment Fairs assist Exhibitors and Agents & Distributors, E-Commerce Companies, and Private Label Manufacturers communicate with one another in a better concentrated and personalized environment. The National Garment Fairs have grown to become maybe the most significant bi-annual trading exhibition for the Indian domestic apparel industry, but also a big contributor to the entire domestic economic size growth.

Vasant Creative
Vasant Creative

The year 2020 was marked by significant market changes due to the pandemic, and the garment industry was no exception. The traditional business techniques and methods were no longer viable or practical. It was vital to recognize the necessity for a wholly unique strategy, which is where CMAI stepped in. CMAI received widespread appreciation for this effort and technological leap by organizing the Garment Fair, despite market conditions having an anticipated influence on the business created. Since its establishment, the Garment Fair has connected National and Regional Clothing and Fashion Accessories Brands, Manufacturers, and Designers with Indian Retailers and their Distribution Channels, which include Importers, High Street Retailers, Agents & Distributors, and E-Commerce Companies. As the world’s largest aggregation of retailers and manufacturers, it serves as a single-sourcing gateway, maximizing time and cost-efficiency.

Leading brands benefit from Vasant Creative’s superior expo stand design services

Vasant Creative is proud to work with the Garment Fair to help make it a success. We have worked with a number of famous companies across the nation. Vasant Creative delivers its exceptional stall designing services not only in India but even across the globe. We curate designs from exhibition to exhibition, since each expo is different and has distinguished standards. Given the diversity of special needs, concentrating on the specifics is critical for coming to conclusions.

Vasant Creative finds it interesting and easy to build stalls for their clients as per their requirements for International and Local expositions. The designers in Vasant Creative’s team are self-sufficient and engage with stall designs bringing imaginary ideas to life. They integrate creative ideas with a unique marketing technique to create higher interaction of companies with potential clients.


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