Glasspex is a one-of-a-kind trade show for the glass sector. Here, key industry members demonstrate their new goods and innovations while also discussing industry trends, issues, and market insights that benefit all stakeholders. Because of India’s expanding relevance in the world glass sector, particularly in flat glass, container glass, and tableware, the event is essential.

Vasant Creative
Vasant Creative

Visitors from more than 15 countries attend the event to look at new products and developments from the exhibitors of Glasspex. The event helps in technological communication and business trade among the exhibitors and visitors. Visitors are from various backgrounds, some of which are from the beverage industry, pharmaceutical industry, lighting industry, and consultants. About 96% of the visitors expressed satisfaction with the event. This makes Glasspex very important for different players in the industry.

Exhibitors gain international visibility at Glasspex, which helps to improve brand image and exposure. It aids in transactions and relationship building with prospects, buyers, partners, dealers, and others due to the simplicity of face-to-face encounters. The event helps to evaluate the competition to stay up to date with market trends and analyze rivals’ strategies. Glasspex also holds many conferences that help to highlight important issues and development.

Vasant Creative is the best company for designing your exhibition stall for Glasspex. Our innovative and creative stalls have received many awards and praises, making us the top player in the industry. Our clientele includes large businesses from India and international countries. Our eye-catching stalls have helped our clients to attract visitors to their stall and helped them accomplish their event’s purpose. We realize the importance of exhibition stalls during the event and hence don’t cut any corners while designing and creating a stall.

We have cultivated a team of experienced designers who have more than 20 years of experience in the space. They can conceptualize, design, and create impressive stalls as per the client’s needs and demands. They are committed to provide the best designs using latest design trends and designing philosophies.

Vasant Creative designs exhibition stalls keeping your brand image in mind. we understand the value of brand in creating consumer perception. We help to retain and accentuate brand value and exposure of the client’s company during the event.

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