Guide To A Successful Stall In Expo Of The Century: Dubai Expo 2021

Guide To A Successful Stall In Expo Of The Century: Dubai Expo 2021

Throughout the decades, World Expos have been a place for ground-breaking inventions, futuristic development, showcasing the best of the best technologies and top-notch innovations pushing the limits to human advancement and finding resolutions to a plethora of fundamental challenges faced by the ever-growing humanity. The global event has been organized every five years and it goes on for six months.  

And for the first time, The World Expo 2021 is being held in the MEASA region comprising of the Middle East and Africa. This time Dubai is going to host World’s Greatest Show Ever with over 190 countries participating starting from 1st October 2021 to 31st March 2022. The event that was supposed to be held in 2020 got pushed back due to the current pandemic situation and now is going to be held on newer dates. The theme of this year’s expo “Connecting Minds, Creating The Future” has also been chosen keeping the current scenario in mind. Keeping the main theme in mind the three subthemes of the expo are ‘Sustainability’, ‘Opportunity’, and ‘Mobility’.  

“Expo” is a short form for “Exposition” which simply means a large-scale public exhibition. If you’re thinking of participating in the Expo then you’ll need to buckle up. Not in just what you’ll be showcasing, but also in how you’ll showcase it. The term “First Impression” is going to play a vital role in your success. How you represent yourself, the presentation, and not to forget, Your World Expo Stall. Something as simple as the design of your stall will be scrutinized and judged. Not to mention your stall plays the biggest role in attracting audience and customers. Hence, we came up with some creditable Exhibition Stall Designer In India that might prove to be a vital resource to you.

What Is Vasant Creative?

Vasant Creatives are an award-winning 360-degree stall designing company with over 20+ years of certified experience and over 165+ clientele. In the last five years, they’ve successfully designed over 500+ exhibition stalls all across India and overseas. The crucial responsibility of designing your Expo stall cannot just be given to any company.

You need field-experienced individuals who have a clear understanding of your requirements and a dedication to drive the best results with value for money. With Vasant Creative’s 20+ years of experience with their one hand on their unique blend of professionalism, experimentation, and creativity and the other of the market pulse, they have driven some of the best results in designing exhibition stalls. They’re adapting their strategies with the ever-changing time, playing big on the marketing technique to expand businesses.

Some of their clientele includes companies like Arihant, Lawkim Motors Group of Godrej, Kabra Extrusion Technik.  

How Can Vasant Creative Build Your Stall In Expo 2021?

Vasant Creative understands that building a stall is a more intricate process than it might seem. Your audience decides in the first couple of minutes after entering on whether they want to visit your stall or not. To attract their attention, your stall needs to stand out in a way that is unique and personal at the same time; Your Message Needs To Be Clear.  

They have managed to find a unique blend of stall designs and decoration, put in use to get optimal results. The four most popular exhibition stall designs are the One side opening, the two sides opening stalls, three sides opening stalls and the four sides opening stalls. Each design suits according to the available floor space, the interior, and the theme of the stall. With Vasant Creative you can be assured that at least you don’t have to worry about the stall design as well.

The various services they offer in exhibition and stall designing is  

  • Space Planning
  • Branding and Communication
  • Logistics and Installation
  • Organizing Approvals
  • Travel and stay

FAQS –  

Q 1 – What stall decorations are used here?
Ans – The decorations consist of a queer blend of lighting, sound and music systems, Logo designs and banners, carpets, interior accessories, and tables and chairs.

Q 2 – What is the cost?
Ans – Visit their official website for more specific information.

Q 3 – What is their delivery history?
Ans – Vasant creative has had an impeccable record of on-time deliveries and prompt services for domestic business as well as international ones.

Guide To A Successful Stall In Expo Of The Century: Dubai Expo 2021

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