HBLF exhibition is India’s most prominent architectural and interior products exhibition. It mainly focuses on hardware, building material, laminates furniture, and related industries. It is one of the anticipated expositions for the year, with abundant visitors coming to view it each time.

Vasant Creative
Vasant Creative

HBLF gets over 49000 B2B visitors each year. This gives exhibitors an excellent opportunity to increase their brand awareness and exposure. There are over 600 new products launched at the event, giving the exhibitors the ability to be on the lookout for new products and observe future trends. HBLF provides a platform for the nation and international sellers and buyers to meet and form long-term relations.

HBLF helps to promote the exhibitor’s business through various mediums. This includes print media, digital media, and personal telephonic presence. This gives a chance for brands to meet quality customers. HBLF allows the industry’s renowned companies to explore their passion for changing the ways people think about products and technology. National and international buyers consistently express their gratitude to the brands exhibiting at India’s most prominent architectural and interior products exhibition.

HBLF receives audiences from various industries as well as the general public. The industry players can be manufacturers, traders, engineers, designers, consultants, architects, artists, and more. Be a part of the HBLF exhibition 2023 and make your brand famous and stand out from the crowd by connecting with quality audiences.

This year HBLF Show 2023 will be held from 03 – 05 March 2023 at BIEC, Bengaluru International Exhibition Centre.

Vasant Creative helps you design eye-pleasing stalls

The first impression creates the initial perception of your brand and its products. Due to this your stall designs are very important as it is the first thing they see when they visit the exhibition. We help to create stalls that are creative and attract the eyes of the visitors.

Help to retain the significance of the brand

We as HBLF Exhibition Stall Designer design our exhibition stalls in such a way that we help to retain and increase the brand value of our clients. This helps us to stand out from the crowd and stay at the top of the industry. Our stalls are able to break the creative shackles of the industry.

Our team involves the various experts from the world of designing, due to which we are able to produce the best stalls in any exhibitions. Our teams leave no stone unturned while create your exhibition stall.

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