How Technology Can Increase Footfall of Your Stand?

How Technology Can Increase Footfall of Your Stand?

Trends of exhibition stand design are evolving. Simply focusing on the logo of your company and designing large displays no longer work out. When you plan your booth design, you need to come up with new ideas. Integrating technology has proven to be an effective method for retaining the audience. People love experiences, and this is what you need to deliver to the target groups. Grabbing their attention and increasing the footfall of your business depends to a substantial extent on the technology you are using. You may have a consultation with an exhibition stall designer Mumbai regarding the features you should integrate into your stall design. Whether you are participating in a tradeshow or any other event, compelling stand design is a must.

Several reputed exhibition stall designers help their clients boost their presence by using the right technology. It is important to be aware of the trending technologies that are being used in exhibition stalls.

Why is technology an important part of your exhibition stands?

While planning your exhibition stand design, make sure that it is compelling enough to grab the attention of the audience. These days, most of people love exploring new technologies. You will come across several tech-savvy people, who would get better exposure to your business when you integrate the right technology. Depending on your budget and goals, it is necessary to decide what you should be having in offering for your target audience. A reputed exhibition stall designer Mumbai can provide you with the necessary guidance, that will help you decide the technology.

When you use advanced technology, your target audience grows a positive impression of your company. It is a great way to get noticed, leading the way from the front. It becomes easy to capture the desired audience when you use the right technology. Business firms can increase their brand awareness and network, with the right technologies around. It acts as a launch pad, from where the marketers can tap the potential customers. Evidently, it appears that your booth design becomes far more effective when you count on technology. However, you should remember that integrating technology is an investment and therefore, you should use it in a calculated way.

What technologies should you be using in your exhibition stands?

Here are some of the technologies, that can enhance the experience of your audience. At the same time, they can help you analyze the response of these masses with greater accuracy.

Big data

Big data has assumed an important place in the marketing segment of business firms in recent years. Data is precious as a commodity to companies from various sections of the industry. On analyzing this data, you can gain valuable insights about the marketing trends and tastes of customers. When you capture more data, it becomes easier for you to design stands that appeal to the target audience. You can also use this information to provide necessary updates to the customers, according to their needs. Accordingly, you can follow up with potential customers after your exhibition show. When you chalk out the exhibition stand design, the professional designers will integrate the desired mechanism in the stalls.

RFID cards

RFID stands for radio-frequency identification. Using this technology, you can guide the audience around the stalls, while you can capture important data. The visitors are issued one of these cards, or they may be integrated into a wristband, which they need to wear. After this, they navigate through the stands. On integrating the RFID cards in your booth design, you can gain interactive interaction. This ensures that they will have a better experience. This digital journey also ensures that they get to know your products and services better. Touchscreen and animation can also be used to increase the impact on your visitors. Get across to a reputed exhibition stall designer Mumbai for comprehensive assistance while designing the booth.

The function of the RFID is to record the duration that each delegate spends on a particular area. This is a parameter to gauge their engagement with the touchpoints in the stands. In the process, you can get valuable feedback, which is used to further tailor the marketing campaign.

Live video streaming

Live video streaming has become a part of the exhibition booth design of several business firms. Twitter, YouTube, Facebook, and Instagram are some of the platforms through which live streaming is done. A large number of companies are capitalizing on this particular trend. Using these communication channels, it becomes possible to interact directly with your followers and target audience. You can get across to an exhibition stall designer Mumbai for further assistance, and they will advise you on choosing the right online platform. This choice often depends on the nature of your business and the profiles of your customers.

Presently, tech-savvy marketing and sales teams are also integrating live streaming technologies, so that the potential customers and stakeholders can be efficiently engaged. You should remember that integrating live video should not be an afterthought. When you consult with the experts regarding exhibition stand design, they will assist you throughout the process.


One of the most effective means to engage your customers in booths through technology is to go for gamification. The booth design should have leaderboards, games, and apps, that enriches the overall experience of the visitors. For instance, business firms often use interactive LED floors, where people need to step on certain objects or areas on the floors. This is a powerful method to increase engagement with the target audience. For more exhibition stand design ideas, contact a reputed exhibition stall designer Mumbai. Gamification ensures more fun and engagement, while you keep gathering digital data from the customers. Therefore, this investment can focus on your sales as well as shape the next marketing strategy.

The reputed stall designers also recommend using mobile apps, AR, VR and other trending technologies in the booth design. Get across to an established exhibition stall designer Mumbai to enhance the overall impact of your marketing strategy.

How Technology Can Increase Footfall of Your Stand?

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