How to Incorporate Advanced Technology in your Exhibition Stall?

How to Incorporate Advanced Technology in your Exhibition Stall?

The visual appeal of your exhibition stall holds the key to the success of your event. When you plan your exhibition stall design, it is crucial to focus on the technical aspects that can strengthen the overall branding efforts. Well, the design of exhibition stalls was restricted to modular shapes and boxes along with printed posters a few decades ago. With the evolution of technology, the need to upgrade your booth design is being felt more than ever before.

Remember, the people visiting the exhibition stalls are tech-aware, and many are tech-savvy. By integrating advanced technology in the stand design, you can strengthen your branding to a substantial extent. It would be best if you enhanced the degree of interaction with your audience. Tablets and smartphones have already made their way into exhibition stall designs.

Here, you will learn some advanced technologies you can integrate into the exhibition stall design. You can use them successfully during your marketing campaigns.

QR codes

QR (quick response) codes directly link websites and apps. You can leverage communication and connectivity with these codes integrated into the exhibition stalls. The reputed designers come up with innovative ways of using these codes. They become a part of the decoy or interior design of the stall. The visitors can seamlessly use these codes to get fast access to information. Scanning the codes with their smartphones, the visitors can help themselves with the necessary materials. A higher interaction fosters better engagement with your target group. Reach out to a reputed exhibition stall designer in India for professional assistance.

Augmented reality

 For marketers, augmented reality holds tremendous business potential. Through augmented reality, it is possible to overlay the real world with graphics generated through a computer. You can scan the natural world and enhance looks using augmented reality technology. Eventually, it adds to the visual information available to the visitors. Besides, they can quickly get access to augmented reality through mobile devices. This, too, enhances the communication path to a significant extent and fosters better interaction between the event organizers and visitors. The users can merge the engagement across the digital and physical worlds. Across the world, augmented reality has already penetrated exhibition stall design in various businesses. It helps to refine the overall communication process, enabling the organizers to gather more data.

 Interactive screens

It is imperative to advertise a brand in exhibitions and trade shows. However, spending big bucks on branding is futile if you are not ready to explain what you do. You can use interactive screens to demonstrate what your product or service is about. This technology should be a part of your booth design. Even if you have a small exhibition booth, and experienced designers can strategically integrate these accessories into the space. They ensure the screen seamlessly merges into the stall, complementing other accessories’ designs. The information displayed on big screens can engage your customers, enhancing the interaction level. Visually appealing graphics, images, and videos can attract visitors to the stall. In the process, you get a greater footfall during the event and enjoy more excellent business prospects. Hire an expert service provider with an established track record for seamless exhibition stall design.

Triggered technologies

Triggered technologies have been gaining popularity among event organizers for quite some time. The audience can have a go with these technologies. Depending on your business, the reputed designers can seamlessly integrate these into the stand design. Sound, light, visual effects, and video can grab visitors’ attention. When they cross a specific place, these technologies trigger the lights, videos, and sounds resulting from their action. This makes your business or brand more memorable, bolstering the brand image. People tend to remember these events, and when you remain in the minds of your customers, your business reaps the benefits.

Technologies in mobiles like iBeacon use Bluetooth low energy sensing proximity, and they transmit identifiers to compatible apps. One can use the identifier to determine the physical location of the device. They can also track the customers and trigger the desired action. Therefore, these technologies should be a part of your exhibition stalls. Contact the reputed stall designers for valuable assistance if you are planning an upcoming event.

Live video streaming

A large number of people stream content to live through social media. Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, and YouTube are the most popular platforms. Event organizers can capitalize on this popular trend to leverage their branding impact. When you collaborate with an exhibition stall designer in India, they incorporate the desired infrastructure to leverage your branding. It boosts the footfall into the stall and creates a buzz. Real-time communication through live streaming finds a large audience. Besides, popular events enjoy many shares on Facebook and other platforms. The process gives more exposure to your brand and increases the customer base substantially. PR personnel also use social media to enhance the branding impact. Please consult with an expert regarding your exhibition stall design so that they can integrate the necessary features.

Gamification can click

To enhance the experience of your visitors, you can gamify the exhibition stall. The established professionals have been using leaderboards and apps to deliver a better experience to them. They may use interactive LED floors to keep visitors engaged, or people can play games when they step on particular objects. These events generate fun, and you can collect digital data using advanced technology. This can be processed later to gain valuable insights into your customers’ habits. For any assistance regarding booth design, get across to the reputed designers.

It is essential to integrate technologies that engage visitors at your exhibition stalls. Reach out to established service providers for a more significant impact on marketing and branding through these events.

How to Incorporate Advanced Technology in your Exhibition Stall?

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