Exhibitions, commissions, and works by notable Irish and global artists are featured in IMMA’s wide and comprehensive exhibition programs. We engage with the complete variety of modern art genres by launching new shows and initiatives, traveling exhibitions, and drawing on our collection. 

Vasant Creative
Vasant Creative

The National Collection of Modern and Contemporary Art, which was founded in 1990 and today houses over 3,500 pieces by Irish and global artists, is housed at IMMA. This nationwide heritage is made available through exhibits at IMMA and other venues across the country and worldwide, as well as current learning programs and digital equipment. IMMA’s base is indeed the unique historical location of the Royal Hospital Kilmainham, which is nestled amid 48 acres of property in the core of Dublin 8. Our program extends beyond the gallery area, energizing the entire campus’s gorgeous gardens and buildings. A visit to Irish Museum of Modern Art often includes hours spent in our exhibitions, premises, structured gardens, grasslands, cafeteria, or store to learn, connect, and reflect.

Every exhibition at Vasant Creative is a spectacular affair

An exhibition’s performance is measured by how well it is arranged. A lot of expositions may look similar but they are not the same. Vasant Creative who has arranged over 450 exposition stalls, makes a great impression not only on its clients but even the visitors who attend the exhibition. It has a stellar track record and competence as an exhibition stand builder for shows put up at the Irish Museum of Modern Art. 

Vasant Creative has been extensively proving its worth by creative stall designs for firms that stand out and make a visual impression on the majority of attendees thanks to its inventiveness and innovative implementation.


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