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India Auto Show

The India Auto Show (IAS) is an international event in India that showcases entire solutions from and for the automotive industry. The India Auto Show is a one-of-a-kind venue for displaying autos, auto parts, and accessories. There are four zones in the show. Cars, trucks, bikes, and other vehicles are displayed in the first zone; auto components, testing, and validation equipment are displayed in the second zone; auto accessories and aftermarket equipment are displayed in the third zone, and beautiful vintage cars are displayed in the fourth unique zone. The event will have to feature a staggering array of remarkable innovations. Indian Auto Show is a one-of-a-kind forum for all auto industry exhibitors to conduct business, collaborate, and network. All automobile enthusiasts will be able to attend the expo and see and try the latest automotive trends. The India Auto Show is held once a year.

With its innovative display stall designs, Vasant Creative takes pride in making large exhibition events a success

At Vasant, we always try to provide our clients with affordable yet best-quality service. We have been trusted by our clients and potential customers for being reasonable. Diving into what our client diary has to say about us, Vasant has a great record for maintaining its quality service at cost-effective rates. A satisfied client can clearly explain whether our designs have been able to help them grow. Listening to our client’s specifications and coming up with creative solutions in order to deliver what is required, Vasant helps big known brands accomplish their goals. Vasant Creative has always been successful in creative stall designs for expositions.


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