IPTEX, or the International Power Transmission Expo, is widely regarded as one of the absolute best occurrences for the Gears and Power Transmission Equipment industry, allowing participants to connect and interact with colleagues and prospective buyers while also marketing their products, facilities, and skills to a broad and diversified audience. IPTEX is one of India’s most important events for the power transmission sector. The only exhibition specialized in this crucial field of engineering and manufacturing is held twice a year, with over 100 of the world’s largest manufacturers and distributors of technology surrounding the entire power transmission industry showcasing their innovations. 

Vasant Creative
Vasant Creative

IPTEX 2022 is the appropriate forum for:

  • 1. Engagement with worldwide industry executives, possible collaborators, and consumers in person.
  • 2. Ideal partner for learning about industry innovation from worldwide company leaders.
  • 3. The chance to network with main players from numerous industries, such as automotive, aviation, and power.

IPTEX is the appropriate venue for the gears and mechanically driven industry to demonstrate their high-tech products to prospective clients and customers, as well as attend conceptual conferences, communicate knowledge and expertise with worldwide industry professionals, and engage in conversations about regulation codes, norms, and business internally.

IPTEX is a wonderful chance for stakeholders from a variety of industries, which include: Aerospace Industries, Thermal Plants, Marine, Sugar Industries, Cement Industries, Defense Equipment, Power Generation, Chemical Industries, Steel Industries, Automotive Industries, Construction Equipment Manufacturers, Printing & Packaging, Heavy Transportation, Pharmaceutical, Off-Road Vehicles, Food Processing, Material Handling, Paper, Plastic, Earth Moving Equipments, Petrochemical and many more.

Big names gain from Vasant Creative’s superior expo stand design services

Vasant Creative is proud to be working with IPTEX to make the event a success. Vasant Creative has been providing nothing less than the best stall design services to its clients since its beginning in 1998. With nearly 20 years or more of expertise in this domain, Vasant Creative has a lot of fame for what it does. 

Vasant Creative serves Indian brands which hit the top list. Vasant Creative is popular not only across the nation but is known globally due to its exceptional contribution to the sector. It takes a great deal of thought to choose a brand-specific stall design for a significant exhibition event. A stall design stands out not only by completing a task as per the specifications given by a client, but innovations lead to success for services like designing stalls for expositions.


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