ISEE Lift Show

The International Elevator and Escalator Expo (ISEE) is a premium platform to witness the vertical transportation industry. The expo features insights from stalwarts of the industry, aesthetic designs and technological advancements. Knowledge-sharing seminars and panel discussions are also included. It is typically attended by industry professionals and buyers from around the world who are interested in learning about new products and services related to the elevator and escalator industry. Various industry associations and trade bodies have supported ISEE.

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SEE Lift Show – World’s Largest ISEE Lift Show will be held in India. The Elevator Industry Meets Here is a two-day event, where industry players can share their knowledge, expertise, and technology. This event is a great networking platform, as there are more than 100 stalls to visit. There will also be several knowledge-imparting seminars conducted at the Expo. Among these, there are topics pertaining to the design and safety of elevators and escalators. It is also an excellent platform to source new trends in the vertical transportation industry.

ISEE lift show

The elevator and escalator industry is among the most rapidly growing industries in India. This industry is dependent on a number of other industries, including telecommunications, construction, automotive, and the food sector. In fact, India is the second largest market for the Elevator Industry globally. Moreover, the country’s middle class is expected to reach 583 million by 2025. Thus, the need for high-quality wires will increase as these industries continue to grow.
The ISEE Expo will feature more than 300 Exhibitors, from over 90 countries, showcasing their latest products and services. A major portion of these exhibitors will be from India, owing to the strong growth of the industry in the country.
Vasant Creative will create an engaging exhibition stand that will attract more visitors to the stall. As one of the top exhibition stall design companies, Vasant has been providing clients with exhibition stalls in India and internationally. Well-known brands have recognized and awarded our exhibition booth designers for their work.

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