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Maison & Objet – Paris is an expo that no one from the décor and design world intends to miss! Two times annually, the complete lifestyle industry — companies, artists, craftspeople, home design specialists, and our guests come together to develop new contacts and close new transactions, engulfed in a lively mixing pot of the recent technologies and accompanied by fascinating new findings. Decorative items, fashionable furniture, collectibles, textiles, scents, and tableware cover every inch of the space. Maison & Objet Paris is unlike any other promotional event. It really is the convention that has its fingers on the pulse of upcoming trends and market developments, delivering a competitive and distinctive product. 

Vasant Creative
Vasant Creative

Maison & Objet – Paris is a one-stop-shop for connecting with everyone who is creating, envisioning, or analyzing our high living standards. With 600 new competitors joining annually, it shows an interesting and rigorous array of goods and services covering the whole housing and leisure spectra.

We are all here to assist you

  • 1. Maison & Objet Paris’s customized marketing kit is 100% affair, 100% you
  • 2. Your three most important product specifications sheets can be published on the website and presumably seen by huge numbers of people every day for up to two months after the expo has ended
  • 3. A set number of complimentary invites to entice your customers or prospects to attend the expo
  • 4. Software that analyzes visitor credentials to obtain contact information, allowing for simpler post-fair follow-up with pre-populated marketing programs

Vasant Creative creates spectacular booth designs for Maison & Objet

Vasant Creative competes with itself and never fails to bring fresh ideas into the market. We have faced a lot of difficult times before achieving what our company holds today. We have come a long way innovating our own ideas and concepts. 

From designing booths to stalls for national and international level expositions, Vasant Creative has collaborated with many of today’s famous brands. We help you not only in designing, but also fabricating our designs and setting up attractive booths and stall as per your requirements, which necessitates knowledge, precision, and creativity.


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