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OSH India is South India’s leading occupational safety and health show. Health and safety are a matter of concern in almost every industry including automobiles, engineering, pharmaceuticals, garments, textile products, leather products, chemicals, plastic, etc. Companies must enhance the degree of protection for their personnel as heavy machinery and new technology become more prevalent, which is good for any organization..

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Vasant Creative

OSH India displays various personal protective equipment including, safety gloves, hard hats, gas masks, safety shoes, workwear, and safety harness in one venue. The exhibitions have been associated with various institutional bodies such as the National Safety Council, Safety Appliances Manufacturers’ Association, the Indian Society of Ergonomics, etc.

More than 100 Safety and Health Equipment manufacturers participate in OSH India. The event attracts more than 150 delegates and 3000 visitors from various regions of India. The exhibitors demonstrate the use of their products and the value they would provide to the company. The event features new and innovative products every year. The event also hosts many seminars and sessions with global experts and certified conferences. This helps to increase their knowledge and enhance their experience.

OSH India is a great forum to connect relevant buyers and sellers. Exhibitors can fulfill their various objectives as well as get good responses from visitors and companies in the safety industry. The event contributes to improving safety awareness in India’s organized industries.

This year OSH India South 2023 will be held from 06 – 07 Jul 2023 at Chennai Trade Centre, Chennai, India.

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