Productonica is a global exhibition organized for the electronics industry. It is a leading trade fair for sectors in the field of electronics, development, and production. It establishes a solid process for industry professionals to network with one another and identify new market trends. 

Their Global Electronics Network incorporates innovations and trends as well as country-specific central themes. Visitors get to see a live demonstration of a variety of machines at this trade fair. The experience of this trade fair is satisfactory as all the major players in the industry get on board to make this event a grand success.

Vasant Creative
Vasant Creative

It provides an opportunity to the decision-makers of the industry from well-known organizations as well as innovative startups to come on a similar platform for discussion. It enables the visitors and the exhibitors to expand their contacts.

Vasant is honored to be creating designs for Productonica. We ensure to understand the brief of our clients properly and work accordingly. We do our research well on what is trending and what might fit well in the stalls. Our designs at exhibitions attract visitors to the stalls.

We have a passionate bunch of people working for us who make sure that we put out the best work. We go through the background of each exhibitor at a trade fair and in return show the inspiration of their history through our designs.

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