Secrets For Selecting The Attractive Exhibition Stand Space in Indian Expo

Secrets For Selecting The Attractive Exhibition Stand Space in Indian Expo

The Exhibition Stall Secrets You Need To Know

The success of an Exhibition Stall Design depends on a couple of variables and factors. In a time when everything is a competition, succeeding is incredibly important, and if you’re thinking of joining an Indian Expo with your exhibition stall then you need to be well versed with a couple of secrets that will help you succeed.  

Secret 1: The Early Bookings –  

The key to choosing the prime spot for your Exhibition Stall next year is to book your spot a year prior. Oftentimes, the organizers start taking in pre-booking for the next year right after the current show’s curtains drop. One of the biggest advantages of early booking is the wide range of options you get in hand for your stall’s location, orientation, and sizes. You also get the early bird discounts making it a little lighter on your pockets.

You can think thoroughly and choose the spot opening that suits your theme the best and because it’s still early, the bookings will be easier. One of the biggest disadvantages of any unsuccessful exhibition stall is last-minute booking or late booking. When you book late, the prices are higher and the available options are also limited. This oftentimes results in you having to compromise in the end and who wants that. So, this time, book early and choose what you want, no compromising!

Secret 2: Budgeting

You have to budget and decide which shows you’re going to participate in. There are a couple of ways in which you can decide which shows you want to participate in for maximum exposure. Read the after-show reports of the earlier events to check the statistics – mainly the footfall, business exposure, and major exhibitors. You can also ask your colleagues who had previously participated in the show about their experience.  

A well-rounded show with good footfall means maximum audience reach, good exposure will allow you to get good business deals and major exhibitors always play a vital role; investing funds. So, strategize your budget and decide which shows and events provide you with all these factors. Also, keep in mind that these days the trend is of niche events with focused buyers and sellers.

Secret 3: The Stall Size And Type

Designing your stall requires a lot of thought and strategy. But in the end, it all narrows down to the objective of your stall, what message you want to convey. The size and space of your stall depend on a couple of factors like the amount of product and machinery you need to display will decide and amount of floor space and wall-length required for the display, add to that the space required for client interactions, lounge areas (if any) and reception. You would also need a separate pantry and storage space not to mention the room for your audience to walk and explore the products.

The walls will be used to market your product and brand through decorations, logos, and posters (banners). You need to evaluate all these factors before deciding the size of the stall and the type. For example, an all-side open stall gives the customers a more relaxed and open feel, three sides open and one side wall Exhibition Stall Design also known as the Island design is good for displaying the brand on the wall. Similarly, a small one-side open stall would suit better for minimal product displays and small businesses.  

Secret 4: The Optimal Location

You need to deeply study the traffic pattern of the exhibition to decide on the optimal stall location. Entry, exit, congregation, and convenience areas are the most suited ones to choose from generally. Your stall design will also play a big role here. An all sides open stall would fit well in a centralized traffic location to give your audience maximum view reach.  

Keep these in mind before your next Indian Expo and you’ll be well prepared.  

Secrets For Selecting The Attractive Exhibition Stand Space in Indian Expo

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