Tips For Creating An Award-Winning Exhibition Stand Design

Tips For Creating An Award-Winning Exhibition Stand Design

Exhibitions are one of the best ways for brands to promote their product. It is filled with networking and potential clientele and allies. But, it is no secret either that more often than not these events are swarming with the competition. Companies go out of their way to stand out of the crowd, the exhibition booth gets taller and taller and the designs get more and more eye-catching. One of the easiest ways to attract customers to your booth is through your exhibition stall design, the structure, the colors, the lights, technology used all play a vital part in presenting your brand. And at an event like a business exhibition, your first impression solely depends on your exhibition stall. Hence, it’s safe to say that you need to put your best foot forward when it comes to your stall. But, at a time where you’ve too many things to handle, designing your booth yourself should not be one of the things on your to-do list.  

Simply because you’ll already be preoccupied with a lot of other responsibilities and designing an exhibition takes time, patience, and more than a good eye for craft. So here are a few tips for creating an award-winning exhibition stand design.  

  • Hire An Experience Professional Designer –  This might sound a little unnecessary now but believe us, it is one of the vital tricks. An experienced professional designer has have worked designing exhibition stands for quite a while. Hence, no one can design your stand better than them with their creative eye. You can sit down with your designer and tell them what your core idea for the design is, what you want, what you don’t and then watch as they sketch their magic. Another benefit of hiring a professional is that working in Stand designing, they more often than not some really good contacts with the carpenter and the materials. Hence, not only will your stand be eye-catching but it’ll also be sturdy and safe. After all, no one would want to enter a stand they feel would collapse on their heads, right?
  • Latest Design Trends –  Stay on top of the latest design trends being favored in the market. The easiest way of promoting your brand as relatable is to flow with the current trends, it gives people the factor of relatability and familiar feeling. See what kind of stalls are garnering a lot of oof experience, what designed and structures are in favor in the current time, and focus on building your stall along with that.  
  • Go Digital and Be Attractive –  In today’s time where technology keeps getting more and more edge-cutting, it would be nicer to take advantage of it a little. Ask your designer to add software and programs to make your customer experience a more interactive atmosphere. It is very attractive and it almost always successfully induces the audience.
  • Space Management –  Exhibition stand designs come in various styles. It all depends on the type, and location of your stall is. For example, an all sides open stall would fit well around the most bustling parts of the area, probably a centralized location so the customers can access the stand from all sides. You also need to utilize the stand space you have in the best way possible. This is another place the professional designer would come in handy with their 3D designing. How many aisles do you want, what style would it be, the room for the customers to move and check out the displayed goods.  

Know Your Competitors 

The easiest way of creating an award-winning exhibition booth stand is to analyze what your competitors are doing and try to analyze them. Do some digging and find out what your competitors did in their last exhibition, draw conclusions from that and plan your strategy accordingly.

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