Urban Mobility India (UMI)

The Urban Mobility India (UMI) Conference and Expo is the country’s leading event for issues concerning urban transportation. It is under the support of the Ministry of Housing and Urban Affairs, a part of the Government of India. This event was created to address the problems associated with urban transport and undertake the task of developing sustainable urban transport systems to support the ever-increasing urban population of India.

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There are four main components to the Urban Mobility India event. These include conferences, exhibitions, research symposiums, and awards for excellence in urban transport. Various officials from different cities in India attend the conference, which provides information about the latest urban transport practices. Key decision-makers and attendees will have the opportunity to network with other professionals, experts, academics, industry, civil society, technology, service providers, and other stakeholders. Through the discussion of the problems, potential solutions, and ideas relevant to the sector, delegates can take home ideas for developing sustainable urban transportation.

Urban Mobility India’s exhibitions help to highlight the most recent advancements in urban transportation technology and systems, as well as the execution of best-practice transportation projects, the spread of creative ideas, and good urban transportation initiatives and practices. The research symposium serves as a showcase for current research in urban transportation being conducted by universities and research institutes across India. Finally, awards are given out in various categories for the best projects and achievements in urban transportation.

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