3 Exhibition Stand Trends To Watch Out For In The Near Future

3 Exhibition Stand Trends To Watch Out For In The Near Future

There is so much competition out there at the events everywhere in the world. If one has to outpace and outsmart the competitor it is imperative to keep abreast of the latest trends in the exhibition stand designs.

Trends which are currently a huge hit among the audience, as well as the upcoming trends predicted to be popular and set to make a difference – all must be taken into consideration before planning and preparing exhibition stands. This will eventually help you achieve your goals and probably exceed your expectation.

This blog aims to present you with 3 exhibition stand trends to watch out for in the near future.

Technology and Digital Experience

The world is going the digital way at a fast rate and people in all fields expect to experience something unique, amazing and valuable at the same time. Therefore, 2023 promises to use more technology at events. The exhibition stand and stall designers are using smart tablets at the counter to interact and engage the visitors. The video wall, touchscreens and projections used in artistic ways can make huge an impression in the minds.

Advanced innovations like Virtual reality and Augmented Reality is going to make a big splash at events. The new technology gives a virtual tour of a specified environment in thrilling ways. It is a whole new way of learning about the products or services offered by the brand. Those companies who leverage technology in events will prosper.

Wow Exhibition designs

It might be a cliche but the ultimate aim of a stand out exhibition stand designs is to attract the audience. So, in 2023, the goal remains the same with some ‘wow’ stand and stall designs that are fast becoming part and parcel of exhibitions. It is customer-focused in the sense that it has to attract and appeal to all their senses.

Such designs include cutting-edge music systems for sound, stunning lighting to dazzle the visitors and perhaps the sense of smell can be elevated with exhilarating scents. Highly imaginative and totally amazing are the buzz words that should be evoked in the minds of visitors when they visit your stall.

This personalized feeling generated by the enhanced elements will leave a memorable experience. It will pay dividends in the future in the form of brand building, better sales and bigger profits.

Customer Feedback will receive a major push

The digitization along with measuring tools can further help in analyzing visitor and their interests and behavior. The technology deployed with sensors can give great insights like how much time did the audience engage with the product, their responses can be recorded and negative things can be found. This will help exhibition stand designers to improve, replace or overhaul the design strategy.

Customer feedback and data are key to performing well at events.

In the future, people are looking for sustainable exhibition stands. Customized stall and stand designs are working perfectly well today. But, of course, there is a surge in the demand for flexible structures which can handle all programs. Also, everyday useful things are incorporated into the stall and stand designs such as mobile and laptop chargers, seating arrangements as exhibitions are much of a standing affair and so on.

Keep a tab on these trends in 2023 and make it a success. If you are looking for a world-class stand and stall designer, contact Vasant Creative. Offering award-winning exhibition stalls for a long time, the experts and professionals will guide you all throughout the way to offer the best event experience to your audience by incorporating the latest trends. Contact us at +91 22 24183337 / +91 9820181109 for more information or drop us an email at nirmit@vasant.in today!

3 Exhibition Stand Trends To Watch Out For In The Near Future

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