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Conceptualizing exhibition stand design is far more complicated than you may anticipate. When you nail the basics appropriately, an exhibition stall can go a long way, leveraging your brand value. Evidently, exhibitions have made their way into the marketing mix in a new attire in the digitized age. With too many visual elements, including background colors, fonts, typography and your products competing for attention in exhibition stalls, chances are high to end up in a cluttered mix. Therefore, your booth design should be simplistic, while resonating your brand image and appealing to potential customers at the same time.

Here, you will come across certain exhibition stall design guidelines, that can deliver a unique personality to your brand.

Visitors often make up their minds regarding whether to visit the stall in a few seconds. Unless your  stall design turns out to be compelling, it will fail to attract customers.

Evidently, you can realize that an exhibition stall design involves audio-visual technology, sign age, graphics and much more. Creating a stalls design is a holistic process that requires a deep insight into branding, customer relations and the overall impact you want to create. For a comprehensive assistance for exhibition stall design in Mumbai, simply approach us with your aspirations.

booth design is a holistic process that requires a deep insight into branding, customer relations and the overall impact you want to create. For a comprehensive assistance for exhibition stall design in Mumbai, simply approach us with your aspirations.

Dealing with space

The success of the event largely depends on how you use space in exhibition stalls. It is important to allocate the right floor space, and even height in your stalls to create the desired impact. The reputed exhibition stall designers recommend their clients to go for the right size of stall, depending on the location of these events. The exhibition stall design also depends on the nature of your business and activities likely to take place in the stall.

Designing your goals

The message in your stall needs to be appropriate, it has a direct influence in the thought process of your customers. You may incorporate artwork and graphics in the stall design. All these elements combine to shape the overall looks of the stall. You must realize, that the role of messaging is crucial in the process. It is wise to collaborate with one of the leading exhibition stall designers for a professional support.


Typography complements messaging in a stalls design. It helps to get your message across to the audience helping you to get connected to them. Try to keep the signage simple as difficult fonts will lead to complications. The audience may not read them at all if they are complex. Besides, the selection of typography must be such that they can be read from a distance. Seek professional support for exhibition stall for a successful branding.

Audio-visual elements

The audio-visual elements, including sound effects and corporate videos can have a profound influence on the exhibition. Therefore, while conceptualizing the exhibition stall design in Mumbai, it is important to decide what audio-visual elements you should use during the event. The reputed exhibition stall designing experts provides relevant advice to their clients regarding the selection of these elements. However, you should note that these elements should complement the design of your stall.

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Variations in Exhibition Stall Design

While designing exhibition stalls, you may land up in a confusion, regarding the type of booth you need. A large number of models have gained popularity over the globe. The stall design largely depends on the nature of your product or service, and what activities you are willing to carry out. Besides, a booth design is also determined by the expectations of your audience or potential customers. It is advisable to seek professional guidance during your exhibition stall fabrication, so that you can create the desired impact among the audience.

Here are four popular types of stall designs you can opt for during exhibitions:

Stalls open on one side

Also popular as the shell scheme design, this particular stall design has one end open. The structure comes in various modules in terms of size. The height of these stalls can be extended as needed, and you can get the stall designed in an area of 20 square meters.

Stalls open on two sides

In this type of exhibition stall design, two sides of the stall remain open. The height of these stalls can be adjusted as per the requirement.

Stalls open on three sides

This can be treated as raw space. In case you opt for exhibition stalls open on three sides, you can experiment with the space and design. These stalls enable you to further extend the height. The right design can generate a good appeal among the visitors.

Stalls open on four sides

In case you need a comparatively larger area to work in, you can go for an exhibition stall design open on four sides. The reputed companies specializing in exhibition stall design in Mumbai ensure maximum branding by designing classic and multi-folded designs.

Get across to a company for a dedicated backup for exhibition stall design in Mumbai. The experts will help you determine the exact type of booth you need. Evidently, you may go for a pop-up show, customized booths, banner stands or even an exhibition truss.


What are the prints used in an exhibition stall design?

Fabric print and Vinyl print are commonly used in an exhibition stall design.

What is the flooring used in an exhibition stall?

Carpet tiles are commonly used flooring material or type used. This helps in customizing colours and designs according to the brand theme.

What are the use of skirting in an exhibition stall?

Skirting is a wooden board that runs along the base of an interior wall of an exhibition stall.

What is the Exhibition stall?

An exhibition stall is a fabricated booth with certain dimensions that reflects the personality of a brand. The theme, colour, graphics and design should capture the attention of the audience in a trade show, conference, expo etc.

How do you decorate an exhibition stall?

You can decorate an exhibition stall with things like carpet, lighting systems, graphics, signboards, logo designs, banner display stands and apt table and chairs.

What is the stall design?

Stall is a temporary stand or booth. Stall design involves fabrication and design which differ in shape, size, colour etc. depending on the brand goals. It incorporates additional visual elements, technology and communication methods.

How do you make an exhibition stall attractive?

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