Renewable Energy India Expo 2023

The Renewable Energy India Expo 2023 is an international platform to share new and innovative ideas on renewable energies. It brings together the industry’s best minds and offers them an opportunity to make groundbreaking decisions. This event will help businesses, academic institutions and the government to explore renewable energy resources and to mainstream them as a means to meet the world’s growing demands. This year Renewable India Energy Expo 2023 will be held from 04 – 06 Oct 2023 at India Expo Centre, Greater Noida, Delhi- NCR, India.
The Renewable Energy India Expo is the largest trade expo in the Indian market. As such, it is expected to draw in over 45,000 professionals from all over the world. While the main focus is wind & solar energy, the event also includes electric vehicles, biomass & biogas. In addition, it will provide an international platform for industry leaders to address policy initiatives & innovative finance models.
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Aside from promoting the growth of the renewable energy sector, it will also be a place for students and young minds to showcase their work. Moreover, it will offer an opportunity for organizations to make direct contact with their customers. These visitors will include manufacturers, buyers, distributors & industry leaders. The expo is being held when billions of dollars are invested in green energy technologies.
Renewable India Energy Expo is why it is a perfect platform to display your products and meet influential decision-makers. India is a diverse and complex market with various needs. With increased industrialization, manufacturing expenditures have driven the need for electricity. Also, the country has set targets for nuclear and large hydropower and solar and wind power. In addition, India’s government has rolled out several programmes that encourage hydropower generation & electrification of rural areas. Consequently, the demand for small-scale hydropower plants has surged.
It will also give the energy community a platform to make a difference in the energy transition in India. Besides, it will offer direct access to key players in the industry, including government stakeholders, technology companies, financial organizations, power generation companies & much more.

Renuable India Energy Expo

It will be a great platform to exchange innovative ideas and learn about the global trends in renewable energy. Along with this, the event will also provide an international platform for education and innovation.
Visitors to the show will also include equipment, component, and component manufacturers, as well as technology developers and investors. They will also have the opportunity to network with other exhibitors, business leaders, and decision-makers. Moreover, the expo will also offer the opportunity to meet experts and discuss challenges and opportunities in the renewable energy sector.
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