5 Tips to Attract & Engage Your Visitors Better At Exhibitions

5 Tips to Attract & Engage Your Visitors Better At Exhibitions

Type ‘exhibition’ on Google and the meaning reads out ‘a public display of works of art or items of interest’. It basically means a space where one can showcase aspects in a better manner, portray ideas creatively.
If an exhibition is the concept of portrayal, shouldn’t the exhibition stand design itself be highly innovative?

Here are 5 valuable tips to add life to your exhibition booth design:

  • Define Yourself Aptly:
    The primary tip is to be honest about who you are. Your exhibition stand design must speak about the kind of brand you are. It must mirror your identity in some way. If you are a luxury brand, you cannot have a jazzy board just because it would shine the most in the exhibition. At the same time, if you are a kid product company and your stall has plain designs or a one-tone outlook, you are not defining yourself correctly. Not just colours, even the booth design must replicate your product or service in some way. You may opt for a common pattern or scheme which runs like a singular theme for your stall.
  • Being Different Is The Biggest Difference:
    An exhibition is a sought-after opportunity for any brand because they stand a chance to attract multiple novel eyeballs to their brand. But do not forget that it is the same scenario with all the other stalls present in the same exhibition. It is how you look which catches an onlooker’s interest to come to your stall and know about your services or products. It is like the roller-coaster in a fantasy park which everyone opts for among the other fifty odd rides. Be the roller-coaster, be different in your look and appearance. Don’t overdo your stall but stand there to stand out.
  • Curiosity Drives More:
    An exhibition is like a big candy store, and every visitor like a child without its parent. They are already enamoured by the whole environment of ‘so much’ around them. If your stall gives them a 100% clear idea of what they will get there, then you are missing out on the visitors who are visiting without a specific purpose. Not denying the idea of being relevant, but you mustn’t miss out on their curiosity aspect. Tickle the inquisitiveness of every onlooker. Have some striking write up or uniqueness in the booth design that gives your stall an incomplete yet full look. You are sure to invite maximum visitors with this, because hey,, who doesn’t like surprises!
  • Virtual Reality Is A Boon:
    Use elements that are equipped enough to maintain the visitors who have come to your stall. Once a visitor visits your stall, you have succeeded in the design part by attracting them, now is the challenge of ensuring your impact on them. Utilise audio visual elements and involve them in the process and brand. Many distribute freebies to visitors, many win customers with little fun games at their stall. Choose your way, but ensure you use the technology available and make wise use of it!
  • Be Smart, Go Social:
    Many exhibitors miss out on the social media arena when planning for setting up an exhibition stall. Learn to leverage on social media attention that you can generate in a jiffy, having put very little effort in organising it. Go live, run online contests, target geographical audiences for a visit, but do something. Your voice may reach to the ten people who visit your stall, but an apt social media feed can reach thousands at the same time.

Keep this 5 tips in mind or find a good exhibition stall designer in India to help you lay out the best stall at exhibitions, one that stalls everybody’s attention and highlights you!

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