Architech – Srilanka brings together the most innovative companies and innovators working in the building and architectural industries both regionally and globally. Attendees may see the most recent advancements, which are ushering in a modern generation in the profession.

Vasant Creative
Vasant Creative

The Architech exhibition presents the latest developments in the construction industry. The wider populace and investors in the building industry can observe a variety of architects’ work and navigate trade expo exhibits without difficulty. The trade stalls display products and enable attendees to become more aware of them. Architech encourages all individuals interested in architecture and those working in the construction of homes, offices, flats, factories, and other facilities to attend the exposition, learn about their members’ work, and examine the objects on show.

Why should you pick Vasant Creative to design your exposition stands?

Vasant Creative has been an international collaborator in the construction of exhibitions both domestically and internationally. It has been in existence for quite some time. It utilizes its many years of expertise in India and overseas to create exposition stall designs that make all displays a memorable occasion for all of its clientele.

A talented group of designers at Vasant Creative offers a staff of specialized designers who cater to clients’ expo stall design parameters. Each designer is a portion of a dedicated team dedicated to delivering a high-quality plan that suits international norms. Vasant Creative has India’s as well as the world’s top printing facilities. It provides high-quality production and printing resources to produce graphic graphics that appeal to the masses.


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