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The area’s leading commercial event for food and drink is Africa’s Big 7. It is held annually and gives buyers access to the newest trends, technology, and developments in the food and beverage sector. Participants come from all around the world to participate. Over 15,000 people and exhibitors attended the three-day exhibition. It gave producers, importers, and distributors from the local, national, and international markets a place to connect and look for new business prospects.

The Innovation Workshop allowed participants to learn how to create and market a new product in less than three months, among many other things. Seminars on the most recent health laws governing the food and beverage business were also held. The most recent advancements in processing and packaging and a selection of new food components were also on show. There were makers of food and drinks there from all around the world. One-fifth of the attendees were exporters. It demonstrates a keen interest in trading potential on the African continent. Along with the presence of other nations, several South African and southern African firms attended the exhibition.

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Free training for baristas and biology professionals was among the additional elements of Africa’s Big 7 Exhibition. The Cafe Culture programme offered participants the chance to participate in free training for anyone looking to advance their abilities in these fields. While others discussed coffee, another workshop was devoted to alcohol. Africa’s Big 7 Exhibition provides a singular chance to interact, network, and strengthen relationships with the sector. Thousands of stakeholders come together at this event, the giant annual food and beverage festival in Africa. 

Africa’s Big 7, the only food and beverage exhibition in the area, links local and ethnic cuisine and beverage companies with potential customers. This year’s event focused on comprehending and putting the most recent health rules into practice, with the addition of a new conference called the Food Safety Conference. Moreover, it examined ways to leverage the township economy and how to utilize technology to solve supply-chain problems.

The important technical seminar that this event supports is its most significant aspect. Visitors can obtain information about the most recent changes to health rules controlling the food and beverage industry from top industry experts. They can also talk about significant continuity concerns with the assistance of these industry specialists.

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