Great Booth Design in Low Budget

Great Booth Design in Low Budget

Most companies face it challenging to come up with a compelling booth design within their budget during exhibitions. You may be participating in a trade show or corporate event for the first time, and are low on budget. Making your mark in the industry at this stage is crucial, but you need to keep a check on your expenses. You may collaborate with the experts specializing in booth design and seek professional services from them. Reputed stall designing companies can design stalls that suit almost any budget. You can benefit from their expertise, while you come up with a beautiful booth design that comes within your budget.

Maximizing Exhibition Impact with Low Budget Booth Design

Here are certain stall design tips, that will help you to keep the expenses within your limits.

Go for a versatile stall design

You would like investing in a well-crafted booth, that can be used time and again. You need to consider this as an investment. Good-quality booths last for several years and the visual impact casts a positive effect on the attendees. Business firms looking for an affordable stall design should go for a versatile design. During the subsequent events, that can get it modified to fit spaces for various sizes. As your company keeps on growing, the booth size is also likely to grow. Get across to a booth design company, that can help you convert the stall from 10×10-foot size to 10×20 foot or 20×20 foot.

With a versatile booth, you can add space or take it away from the stall, as per your needs. At times, you may want the attendees to get an overview of the company. Alternatively, business firms often want the audience to know their products or services. The booth design should be carried out in such a way, that it can cater to your needs.

Integrate technology

Integrating technology into your stall design refines the overall ambience and impact of your efforts. These days, it has turned out to be a necessity, as most of the attendees are tech savvy. Using advanced technology in your stall is an effective way to engage and retain them. Even if you have a small booth design, make sure to integrate the right technology, so that people visit the stall. The reputed stall designers will help you out in deciding what technologies you should be using for a particular event.

However, business firms should not feel compelled to use every technology available at the same time. It is advisable to implement one at a time and build on it. Content creation like large video formats, social campaigns, surveys and polls, online quizzes and interactive infographics have become popular ingredients of expo stall design. 3D model and animation, including projection mapping, should also find their way to the stall. Your booth design may include technologies like AR and VR as well.

Tell stories

One of the most impactful ways to carry out the stall design while remaining within your budget is to tell a story. Create an experience for the attendees that keeps them engaged to your stall. The booth design may come with a journey of your business firm, stating how it has evolved over the years. You may also show how you create the products. This will also promote transparency and the buyers will love them even more. Another strategic booth.

design idea is to share testimonials from your clients and staff. This is a very effective method to carry out the branding, conveying the feelings of existing customers to new ones.
Well, you can use the booth design to tell a story of your brand in an engaging way. When you share this journey with the audience, they will be more interested in your company. You need to deploy VR or large screens to execute this strategy. The stall design companies will help you out in the process.

Splitting booth space

As the owner of a business firm, you must be knowing that booth designs cost a lot. In order to cut the expenses, you may want to split the booth space with another firm. In the process, the cost of square footage gets shared and you also share the space. The price becomes reasonable to a certain extent when you split the space. However, you need to choose the other company in such a way, that its products and services complement yours. For instance, if you design handbags, the other company may provide services related to personal styling. Besides, you should share the space with a non-competitor. This stall design idea can help you cut costs to a significant extent.

Use roll-up banners

Using roll-up banners in your stall can help you save costs. This is one of the most cost-effective ways, through which you can carry out the design. The banners are often integrated with large graphics and they can be stored in small spaces. Being lightweight, you can carry them to other areas. Another benefit of using roll-out banners is that they are durable and lasts for a long time.

Spandex table covers

Another important exhibition booth design idea is to use a spandex table cover. These are attractive and eye-catchy. You can come up with a compelling look in the stall when you use these covers. A key advantage of the spandex table cover is that it is resistant to flames and they can be customized as per the needs of the event. These table covers do not wrinkle easily and you can wash them in the machine from time to time. However, the colour does not fade off in quick time and they can retain the visual appeal for a long time.

Well, reputed business firms often enhance the aesthetic appeal of the stalls. You can use flower bouquets and other elements in the stalls to make them look attractive. When you collaborate with the booth design experts, they will help you come up with a compelling look. Get across to a reputed company and convey your budget to them. The professional stall designers will craft the design for you, within your budget.

Great Booth Design in Low Budget

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