iDAC (International Design and Architecture Conclave) is a prominent facilitator of building industry summits, positioned as a bridge between the knowledgeable and the knowledge seekers within the construction fraternity. Held from March 7-9, 2024, at the Jio World Convention Centre, iDAC hosts both physical and virtual conferences and exhibitions. These events bring together national and global pioneers in construction, architecture, and design to foster a vibrant exchange of ideas and expertise.

Vasant Creative
Vasant Creative

iDAC serves as a comprehensive platform for industry professionals, including architects, interior designers, builders, MEP consultants, facade experts, landscape architects, and B2B build professionals. Participants not only showcase their achievements but also engage in information-sharing sessions with industry leaders. Over the years, iDAC has expanded its network of associates, collaborating with renowned manufacturing and building material providers such as Hindware, OSUM, Pidilite, Nitco, Stonex, Jaquar, Everest, Syska, Ultratech, and more.

The conclave aims to create a dynamic convergence of industry creators and idea curators, fostering new visions and plans for a better future. iDAC offers participants broader avenues to leave a lasting impact and provides collaborators with opportunities for enhanced brand awareness and extensive networking. Under the theme of ‘CREATE THE CHANGE,’ iDAC strives to contribute to building a better tomorrow through innovation and collaboration within the construction and design sectors.

Crafting Distinctive Stall Designs as Your Key Fabricator for iDAC 2024

Vasant Creatives is your key partner in crafting a distinctive stall design fabricator for iDAC. Leveraging their expertise in creative solutions, Vasant Creatives ensures a visually compelling and innovative exhibition space. From conceptualization to execution, their team combines artistic flair with a deep understanding of your brand identity, effectively translating it into a captivating stall design. By incorporating the latest trends and technologies, Vasant Creatives helps your presence stand out at iDAC, maximizing engagement and leaving a lasting impression on attendees. With their commitment to excellence, Vasant Creatives transforms your vision into a tangible and impactful exhibition experience at iDAC.

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