India International Science Festival

The India International Science Festival (IISF) is a collaboration between the Indian Ministry of Science and Technology and the Ministry of Earth Sciences, as well as Vijnana Bharati, a science movement with a swadeshi ethos led by notable scientists from throughout the land. The major goal of the IISF is to bring everyone together to celebrate science. In order to live a healthy, affluent, and worthwhile existence, ordinary people must connect with science in a fun and exciting way. IISF offers chances for people and the scientific community in India and overseas to come collaboratively, work next to each other, and feel the thrill of conducting research for the benefit of India and mankind through its innovative programs and activities.

Vasant Creative
Vasant Creative

The India International Science Festival (llSF) aims to attract children and science enthusiasts from all walks of life. It gives an appropriate and active forum for all those interested in learning more about current science and technology topics. It also provides several possibilities for scientists, innovators, and young researchers to discuss, communicate, and connect with others who share their scientific dispositions. The IISF has grown over time as a result of its creative programming and initiatives that relate various elements of life to science. The event’s notable feature has developed as the inclusion of people from all walks of life. With each iteration, the number of attendees from India and outside has progressively increased, and the trip continues to involve even more individuals in order to achieve the required goal.

Vasant’s technique of bringing state-of-the-art booth concepts into action

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