Make Your Exhibition Stall Design Stand Out at the Chemtech World Expo

Make Your Exhibition Stall Design Stand Out at the Chemtech World Expo

People who are Chemtech enthusiasts or working professionals in the field are in for a treat with the Chemtech World Expo that’s happening in Mumbai at the Bombay Convention and Exhibition Centre (BCEC), Mumbai, India on 20 – 23 Feb 2020. The exhibition will feature a number of interesting stalls put together by the Chemtech Foundation over the period of the four-day event. As there will be a number of companies and individuals participating, it is important to make sure you have exhibition stalls that your exhibition stall design stands out from the rest of the exhibition stalls. 

While choosing your exhibition stall design in Mumbai it is important to go with a company that has a lot of talented professionals, and a good reputation with a lot of experience to back them up. A company like Vasant Expo, that has gotten the reputation as one of the leading Exhibition stall designers in India, is definitely one of the to candidates that should be on your mind when it comes to stall design. With a solid number of expo stall designs in their portfolio, such as Adipec Expo, Plastivision Expo, Acetech Expo and Excon Expo, they have experience in a variety of different niches and know your requirements even better than you do.

When it comes to exhibition stall design, a lot of factors need to be taken into consideration, such as –
Dealing with space – understanding how much space at the venue you have to work with. Since we have a number of years of experience dealing with majority of the venues in Mumbai, we would be able to suggest you the ideal requirements.

Designing your goals – this part deals with making sure your message gets delivered in the right way to your audience through the booth design.

Typography – choosing the right kind of font to make sure that your brands value and identity gets portrayed in the right manner through your signage.

Audio-visual elements – One of the biggest elements of stall design are the audio-visual elements. The first impression you make on your audience is through the visual appearance of your stall and the design of your stall as well. Therefore, to make a good impression that would make visitors want to stop by your stall, you need to use catchy audio-visual elements.

Keeping all these factors in mind during the exhibition stall fabrication, Vasant Expo will definitely cater to your needs and make sure that your stall stands out at the Chemtech World Expo in Mumbai during 20 – 23 Feb 2020. Make sure to hurry up and contact us at +91 22 24183337 / +91 9820181109 or drop us an email at today.

Make Your Exhibition Stall Design Stand Out at the Chemtech World Expo

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