Middle East Energy

Middle East Energy has been helping the region through the energy transition for more than 45 years by bringing together buyers and sellers from around the world to explore the most recent developments in energy products and solutions and to think about the future of alternative energy solutions that will help in delivering more efficient and effective power systems.
In Dubai, United Arab Emirates, the yearly event is held. A business-to-business event is one of the most significant trade shows in the electrotechnical industry. Its objectives are to promote the switch to cleaner, more environmentally friendly power systems and to display a wide array of energy goods and services. There are five industries: power generation and transmission, solar energy, waste-to-energy, clean technology, and smart cities.
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This year Middle East Energy 2023 will be held from 7 to 9 March 2023 at Dubai World Trade Centre | Dubai, UAE. Energy industry leadership in the Middle East has a long history. To examine the present and future situation of the energy sector, the event brings together industry leaders, utilities, governments, specialists, and other stakeholders. The festival has evolved over the past 45 years to accommodate the increasing demand for clean, renewable energy in the area. As a result, the previous iteration of the event led to corporate transactions worth nearly $705 million.

Middle East Energy

Middle East Energy will host top priorities conferences and content venues, providing a vibrant setting for knowledge exchange and partnership development. The gathering will also feature symposiums, seminars, and other special events. Moreover, this event edition will include the Global Energy & Utilities Forum.
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