Paint India 2024

Paint India 2024,  22-24 February, 2024, Bombay Exhibition Centre, Mumbai

Paint India is a grand occasion that brings the companies and professionals of the coatings industry together every year. This annual event draws the attention of enthusiasts not only from India but also its neighboring countries. Apart from the Indian subcontinent, enthusiasts from the Far East also pay attention to it.

Vasant Creative
Vasant Creative

As is the case with the event each year, innovation and research in coatings are set to be the hallmark of its upcoming version in 2024. The idea of using high-quality paints in both commercial and residential properties stems has been gaining traction in India due to a multitude of benefits.

 Quality paints can easily put all the imperfections of a building out of sight. Plus, they also keep the walls of a building well-protected from the sun and the other weather elements. The booming real estate sector in India has made both builders and property buyers keen on using a coating of the highest quality.

Every year, enthusiasts take part in the event to find out significant breakthroughs in painting. People of various age-groups participate in the event with vigour. As it has been happening with the previous versions of the event, admirers of Paint India are eagerly awaiting it to kick off on its scheduled date.

It is set to be held between Feb 24, 2024, and Feb 26, 2024.  at Bombay Exhibition Centre, Mumbai for the noteworthy gathering.

Paint India 2024 promises to be an opportune platform for interaction between coating firms and paint enthusiasts to take the coating industry to a new high.

Vasant Creative is committed to making Paint India 2024 a grand event

Vasant Creative – the award-winning  stall designer in Mumbai  – takes pride in collaborating with the organizers of Paint India 2024 to make it successful by its bespoke  stall design  solutions.

Vasant Paint India Expo Exhibition Stall
Vasant Paint India Expo Exhibition Stall
Rohnish Stoichem Pvt. Ltd.

Asia Coat + Ink Show – March 2019 | Stall Size 6m X 3m | Created by Vasant Creative

At Vasant Creative, we do our best to create an  exhibition stall design  that corresponds to the needs of our clientele. Since our inception, we have grown strength to strength based on our brand-centric designing practices. Apart from keeping abreast with the demands of the market, we also apply the latest methodologies and up-to-date knowledge in all our design solutions.

Vasant Paint India Expo Exhibition Stall
Vasant Paint India Expo Exhibition Stall
Sohan Dye – Chem Pvt. Ltd.

Chroma Tex Chem – 2019 | Bombay Convention & Exhibition Centre, Goregaon Mumbai | Stall – 7mtrs X 7mtrs | Created by Vasant Creative

Though we believe in delivering the best, we charge our clients reasonable. We strive to provide good value for money with whichever project we undertake. Our successful completion of more than 450 projects featuring brands at both national and global level speaks volumes for it. We have been doing this for more than a couple of decades and wish to grow further by meeting our clients’ requirements for all kinds of exhibition events.

Vasant Paint India Expo Exhibition Stall
Vasant Paint India Expo Exhibition Stall
K-Tech India Ltd.

Asia Coat + Ink Show – Feb 2019 | Stall Size 7.5m X 6m | Created by Vasant Creative

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