Smart Lift & Mobility World (SLM) 2024

SLM World 2024, Bengaluru International Exhibition Centre, 1st March, 2024

The Smart Lift & Mobility World 2024 is a groundbreaking event set to take place at the Bangalore International Exhibition Centre (BIEC), India, from March 1st to 3rd, 2024. This comprehensive affair brings together an international exhibition, an interactive Summit, the prestigious Elevator Awards ceremony, and an innovative global initiative known as the Elevator Safety Run.

Vasant Creative
Vasant Creative

The Expo segment of the event serves as a prime platform for elevator manufacturers, suppliers, and related companies to showcase their cutting-edge products, technologies, and services. It is a unique opportunity for buyers to explore a diverse range of offerings, connect with industry players, and make informed decisions based on their specific needs. The event is strategically positioned to cater to mid and small builders, particularly those who are owner-driven elevator buyers.

The India Elevator Summit 2024, a part of the event, is an exclusive forum that will highlight technological and digital advancements in the Vertical and Horizontal Transportation (VHT) industry. Distinguished speakers from across the globe will address the changing paradigm in the industry, emphasizing inclusivity and sustainability. The Summit will feature panel discussions and informative sessions, providing a platform for in-depth discussions on the future of VHT.

The SLM Awards, slated for the event, will recognize and celebrate pioneers in the real estate, architecture, and VHT industry. These awards aim to acknowledge those who have played a pivotal role in integrating the latest technological advances from the planning stage to the implementation of projects, setting new standards for accessibility, mobility, inclusivity, sustainability, and security.

A highlight of the event is the Elevator Safety Run, a global initiative emphasizing the paramount importance of elevator safety. This unprecedented run will bring together participants from around the world, both in physical and virtual formats, to demonstrate their commitment to promoting safety and raising awareness on this critical aspect. The Smart Lift & Mobility World 2024 promises to be a transformative experience, fostering knowledge exchange, innovation, and a collective commitment to elevator safety.

Exhibition Experience with Vasant Creatives’ Innovative Stall Designs

Vasant Creatives specializes in elevating exhibition experiences through innovative stall designs. With a keen understanding of the Smart Lift & Mobility World 2024’s objectives, Vasant Creatives can craft visually captivating and functionally efficient stalls for exhibitors. Their creative prowess ensures that each stall becomes a compelling showcase of products and technologies, attracting attention and facilitating meaningful interactions. By seamlessly integrating brand messaging and cutting-edge aesthetics, Vasant Creatives transforms exhibition spaces into engaging environments, enhancing the overall impact of the event and leaving a lasting impression on attendees and stakeholders alike.

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