Stand out at Trade Shows with Unique Booth Design Ideas

Stand out at Trade Shows with Unique Booth Design Ideas

Trade Shows depend on customer interaction for their success, and visual appeal plays a key role in attracting customers to visit your stall or booth. With so many different brands trying to get their product out there, it is easy for the potential client or investor to get lost in the monotony of plain, uniform booth designs that are often lined one behind the other at these events, and you’ve already lost the customer before they even gave you a chance. So if you have a trade show or an exhibition coming up, it might be a wise decision to rethink the whole design element of your stall and make sure that it grabs the attention of each and every visitor who is at the event. We’ve rounded up a list of spectacular booth designs that are bound to make a difference in your next trade show or exhibition.

1. Include interesting graphics on Booth Design

The most common mode of communication used by vendors during trade shows are texts, and people usually don’t spend too much time reading them. There have been studies that show people are more receptive to studies, images and other visual modes of communication, rather than using text, which would make your stall look drab and stale. Next time you’re planning for an exhibition booth design, take some time out to come up with a graphic poster design template to use on banners, that is more attractive than using text, but also is able to convey the same message to your audience

Quite an obvious one, but it does the trick every time. In a crowded and stuffed place such as a trade show or an exhibition, the taller a booth design is, the easier it is to spot from across the room. So it’s highly advisable for vendors to set up their signs and information boards at different heights and sizes, for people to be able to spot them. While targeting far-away audiences, make the boards as well as the text higher, to around 12-14 feet, 8-10 feet for mid-range audiences, and 5-6 feet for close by audiences to keep it at eye level.

3. Add some colour

Vasant Creative Booth design

Colour is a great tool to use if you want your booth to grab all the attention at a trade show. To make your booth design pop, add some interesting colour scheme to it to make it stand out from the otherwise white and grey stalls that are usually seen at events like these. Some great ideas are to either make a gradient of colours, if you have products like make-up, clothes, etc, or if your packaging is colourful, or to come up with an appropriate and relevant colour scheme that makes sense to your product.

4. Use LED screens and installations

Vasant Creative Booth design

If your product is related to a visual experience such as a video game, then a smart exhibition booth design layout would be to put up LED display walls on your booth to show an audience what your product is all about. The same can be done if your product requires a tutorial to fully understand it, then you could play the tutorial videos to create a sense of intrigue for potential passing clients. LED designs are something that is not very common even though we live in a digital age, and this will definitely make your booth design one of a kind at an exhibition or a trade show.

5. Let your products do the talking

Vasant Creative Booth design

If your product is service-oriented, such as a massage chair, a VR system, or a game, you could arrange your booth design layout in such a way that your product is something the audience will lay their eyes on first and this will instantly grab their attention and make them want to try out your product. As they say, show, don’t tell, and a good product speaks better for itself than any salesman could. This simple trick could work you wonders, as customers get really intrigued if they are actually able to physically try out the products, and are more likely to buy them that way.

6.  Include your social media as props

We cannot deny that we live in a digital age and social media plays a large part in the identity of our brand. Create some interesting cutouts of your products or items related to your products and put up a photo booth corner for the clientele, asking them to tag their pictures with your social handle. This will definitely be an interactive experience for the audience, and an added advantage is that even if the customers don’t end up buying your product, they will remember the experience, and their picture might attract some organic attention on the internet when they share the images with their friends/followers. This might sound quirky, but is actually one of the most effective exhibition booth design ideas in the social media age.

7. Represent your brand

Vasant Creative Booth design

Let your exhibition booth design represent the idea of your brand or product. If you are a brand selling electronics, computers and more, your booth can be sleek, edgy, and can have a monochrome colour scheme. If you are selling toys for kids, use appropriate décor such as baby chairs, children’s handwriting font on your posters and banners, etc, to let the buyers get a clearer idea of what your brand and your product are all about.  In this way, your booth design speaks to the consumers before they even approach your booth.

8.  Make it comfortable for the customers

Vasant Creative Booth design

If you are selling items that require the customers to try them, such as food, make-up or gadgets, make sure that your booth design is in such a way that the clients feel relaxed when they try out your products. Comfortable seating areas will make the customer want to stay back and find out more about the product, and eventually buy it. Another advantage to this type of design is, since these exhibitions tend to get so tiring, a place to sit is a luxury, and passerby’s who choose to rest by your stall might actually develop an interest in the product that you’re selling and buy it.

9. Use of lights

A serious product can be made more fun and interesting with the use of light. Suppose you’re selling a car, and your prop options are limited, a simple yet effective way to grab some eyeballs is by using colourful light instalments that attract visitors to your stall.  If you think colourful lighting is too dramatic for your taste, a simple chandelier centrepiece is very elegant and classy and will definitely make your booth design stand out from the rest at the trade show.

10. Think out-of-the-box

Sometimes, the most boring products can be showcased in the most interesting ways at exhibitions and trade fairs. Take, for example, fences. Normally, if you show them in stale, drab and monotonous booth designs, they wouldn’t get a second glance from a customer who’s walking by your booth. But if you make your booth a garden, with some prop trees, benches, plants and surround the same with your product, the fences, now that is something that will stand out from all the other booths at the trade show. With enough imagination, even the most mundane products can be the most attention-grabbing ones, with the help of efficient exhibition booth design.

Now that you know how to jazz up your booth design, you’re all set to stand out at the next trade show. If you’re looking for the best booth designers, feel free to call us at Vasant for all your booth requirements, or check out our services on our website.

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