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The Indian cold chain trade show is the largest in the cold chain industry. It encompasses a wide range of topics such as market trends, a cost-effective product line, value-added services related to cold storage, refrigeration, ripening chambers, solutions, technologies, cold storage infrastructure, logistics, and cold chain supply segments. 

Vasant Creative
Vasant Creative

It serves a variety of businesses that fall under the purview of cold storage and cold chain. It provides a large platform for professionals in the biotech, pharmaceutical, retail, dairy, seafood, meat, and processed food industries through its b2b exhibition. People in the industry enjoy being a part of this show because it exposes them to new people and expands their knowledge and network of the industry.

Vasant does its best to make the exhibition at the Indian cold chain trade show shine. We start with the basics and can make recommendations for the best trade show stall designs for your brand and industry. The phase of strategic exhibition stall design follows after that. “Your brand is adored by us.”

We provide different variety of stall designs that you can opt for. Among them the four designs that are quite popular are as follows – stalls open on one side, stalls open on two sides, stalls open on three sides, and stalls open on four sides. We function according to the brief provided by the brand or company. We always have recommendations to make to the brief which is liked by the brands. Your idea our execution is the best team play according to us.

We believe in quality over quantity and that’s is why we are a cost-effective idea for worth indulging in your events and making them a fruitful experience.

Vasant is the one step that every trade exhibition should make because it’s simply easy with us. Workers in the industry should not worry about the organizing part of the exhibition as it’s our load and we at Vasant make it look effortless. Trade exhibitions can be made eventful in Vasant’s. we are not only good organizers but also we add our touch of magic to the event which enhances the company’s value.

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