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Weldtech Expo 2023 – Welding & Metallurgy Technology with Endless Opportunities

Over the last few quarters, the growth engine of India’s economy has moved quickly along the growth trajectory with a tremendous pace. As a result, India’s economy has leapfrogged to the top spot on the list of the fastest-growing economies around the world. If expert opinion is anything to go by, it is set to register further growth in the next 10-15 years.

Vasant Creative
Vasant Creative

With India’s GDP showing signs of catching up momentum, experts project a 7.3% growth for India’s economy in the next year. To achieve it, India will need massive investments in the form of FDIs. Keeping this in mind, the Government of India has swung into action with proactive steps to attract investments in various sectors. Its primary aim behind it is to enhance the performance graph of India’s economy.

The manufacturing sector is under the spotlight due to its possibility for further growth with the Make in India initiative. Weldtech Expo 2023 assumes initiative against the backdrop of it. It puts welding into the spotlight. The latter contributes to the goods and factories sector as well as the GDP of India in various ways. Not only it plays a pivotal role in the production of complementary goods and auxiliary products but also generates employment.

This year Weldtech Expo 2023 will be held from 09 – 11 February 2023 at Chennai Trade Centre, Chennai, India. It has already started generating interest among industrialists, professionals, and enthusiasts alike. Quality control methods, low-cost designs, and high productivity relating to welding processes are all going to feature in the event which will be organized by the India Institute of Welding (IIW India). Since its inception, it has been an exhibition of metallurgy, welding technology, and non-destructive and material testing.

Apart from industries, it will also highlight the participation of research institutes and academia. It is expected that their presence will further accentuate the strategies and knowledge base concerning the science and technology of welding and skill development for boosting industrialization. Also, it is set to underscore co-operation at the regional level for India with the engagement of its neighbouring countries.

Vasant Creative is committed to Make Weldtech 2023 a success with its bespoke exhibition and booth design

Vasant creative – the award-winning  exhibition stall designer in Mumbai  – will partner with IIW India to steer Weldtech Expo 2023 through to success. We are an all-round exhibition stall design firm with an emphasis on high revenue on investment and value for money.

Vasant Exhibition stall weld india expo
Vasant Exhibition stall weld india expo
Gee Limited

India Essen Welding & Cutting, Mumbai -2018 | Stall Size 8m x 10m | Created by Vasant Creative

At Vasant Creative, we understand the role of exceptional stall designs in a reputed exhibition like it. In line with it, we collaborate with various reputed brands at both local and international level to build top-notch exhibition stall fabrication design.
Vasant Exhibition stall weld india expo
Vasant Exhibition stall weld india expo
Jayesh Industries Ltd.

India Essen Welding & Cutting, Mumbai-2018 | Stall Size 8m X 3m | Created by Vasant Creative

We specialize in designing exhibition stalls based on the needs of our clientele. Our booth design has catered to their needs with more than 450 stall designs spanning over 2 decades.

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