What Is The Difference Between Shell Scheme And Space Only?

What Is The Difference Between Shell Scheme And Space Only?

A booth design or exhibition stall design offers Shell Scheme Booth design or Space Only Design options. It isn’t easy to understand the primary difference between the two booth design for the first-time exhibitor. One must determine which exhibition stall design is more suitable or will be successful, effective, and affordable.

When setting up an exhibition stall, there are two main design options: shell scheme and space only. A shell scheme is a pre-built booth with walls, flooring, and lighting already in place. It is a cost-effective option that can be customized with graphics and branding. On the other hand, a space-only design allows you to create a bespoke exhibition stall from scratch. It allows for greater creativity and flexibility in layout, design, and overall look and feels. However, it can also be more expensive due to the additional costs of building the stall from the ground up. Ultimately, choosing between a shell scheme and a space-only design will depend on your budget, objectives & preferences for your exhibition stall.

Difference Between Shell Scheme And Space Only Design

Shell Schemes

Shell Schemes Booth are great packages. They are generally pre-erected rows of similar booths. It includes walls, flooring, power sockets, and lighting. Therefore, one needs to decorate the stall on their own.

Shell schemes generally include walls and lighting to enable the companies to illuminate their brand names and messages. This helps be noticed in the crowd. The stand design is generally sleek, meaning the floor space is unused. The maximum space is for upcoming clients. The panels can be customized based on requirements. The PVC panels are easy to roll & pack; they are light in weight too. This makes traveling trouble-free and convenient. Graphics can be custom-made and straightforward or even vibrant according to the requirement. The graphics can be easily attached using magnetic strips and Velcro. One can create individual panels with more prominent messages or use different panels to display a whole journey. The shell schemes are reasonably priced for one of the two exhibition stall designs.

Space Only

Space Only Design offers exhibition stall design provided only with a flooring segment. This means that everything, i.e., the stands, dividers, and tables, must be managed by oneself. These designs are best suited to companies who want a custom-made stands. The only thing to be remembered is that in the open space where a common pathway or passage opens up, the maximum height of the wall should not increase more than 1m. The shared walls connecting two walls need to be built by both parties. The space-only designs can use freestanding displays to stand out amongst the crowd. The freestanding displays include various equipment related to the display, like banners and stands.

The displays are available in various shapes and sizes, like literature, straight fabric, and banner stands. Self-supporting stands can be used in such types of stalls. The displays are generally lightweight, convenient, self-supporting, and easily transportable. It doesn’t matter if the place is big or small; one can use creativity and imagination to get desired results. One can also create a modular wall or an interactive screen for different branding. This compensates for the space utilized for other displays. This booth displays suit companies requiring a large area and a more extensive exhibition budget.

It should always be remembered to consider the objective and budget before choosing the exhibition stall design. Shell schemes can be a comparative price compelling offer compared to space-only design. Various professionals, such as exhibition stall designer Mumbai and all over India, offer specialized and expert services related to booth design.

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